20 Quotes of Buddha taught to lead a peaceful life
Buddha taught all human suffering or happiness in any case at the bottom. Therefore, so as to possess a peaceful life, people must change and abandon their anger.

01. Anything that happens in your life is what should happen.

02. Do not try to guess the way of thinking of other people, if you do not judge correctly with wisdom and experience, it is normal to make mistakes.

03. The road is on your own, being careful not to fall.

Wife is heavenly, love a touch don’t lose.

Friends are meant to help each other, to help each other a little, that’s the thing to do.

Happiness may be a feeling, a touch light, comfortable within the heart.

It is contamination all alone, overlook it, don’t wrap it up until the end of time.

The attitude is due to training, need to be calm, have a loving heart.

Conclusion is from cultivating that into, need unadulterated, basic.

Success is the price, need to try and hard.

Failure is tough to avoid, think a touch , got to accept.


Remember the 20 quotes of Buddha taught to steer a peaceful life

04. Happiness is not so much about yourself, but on the contrary, you should give and share what you have for others. That is happiness. Happy yourself all destiny will be beautiful.

05. What is past, let it pass.

06. Everything in the world begins at the time it needs, not earlier, nor later.

07. Ordinary people have the wish that it is difficult to be free, it is best to turn into vain, only to be sincere but to make full or not depending on predestined.

08. If one person is engrossed in contemplating the other person, he or she will “eliminate” the pleasures of life. Competition not only loses joy but also loses the fortunes of a person’s life.

09. The rich man is not the one who has much but who gives much.

10. The desperate person can still save, the low self-esteem, only when they are aware of themselves, surrender to themselves, modify themselves, can they change others.

11. All things idealistic creation. People are the result of what we think. If a person speaks and does with a pure mind, happiness will always follow him like the picture with the shadow.

‘12. There is happiness, there is death, there is happiness, there is prosperity, there is thinking.’ When you are happy, understand that this joy is not eternal. When you suffer, remember that this pain doesn’t last. The universe is inherently impermanent.

13. Disregarding others is committing bad karma.

14. End anger, eradicate pride, no material attachment, no desire, will free all ties and never be afflicted.

15. Thousands of candles are often lit by one candle and therefore the lifetime of that candle won’t die. Happiness never runs out when we share.

16. The worth of a human being is not when they are in a favorable position but when they are in the most difficult and painful situations.

17. To live a day is blessed of a day, so be cherished. When I cried, I did not have sandals to wear, then I discovered someone without legs.

18. A man of wisdom blows away the defilement of himself, like a blacksmith blowing away the scum of silver, little by little, one by one, and at a time.

19. Meditation brings wisdom, not meditation will lead to ignorance. Understand what leads you forward, what hinders you, and choose the trail to wisdom.

20. Be as firm as a jelly table so as not to be swayed by thunderstorms, nor are the wise people affected by compliments in that way.

Include the quotes of the Buddha in your life and live your life in peace.

May Triple Gem Bless You All.

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