66 Quotes of Buddha taught about life, beautiful sayings of Buddhism. You want to learn Buddhism should read and ponder, will help calm the mind between the worries in life.

66 Quotes of Buddha taught about life
The reason people suffer is that they pursue the wrong things forever.

If you don’t want to bring your afflictions to yourself, then there’s no way other people will disturb you because your mind does not fall well.

Always thank those who bring you adversity.

You must always be open to tolerance for all beings, no matter how bad they are, even if they have hurt you, you must let go, to have pure joy.

When you are happy, you must think that this joy is not eternal. When you suffer, remember that this pain doesn’t last.

Today’s attachment will be regret for tomorrow.

You may have love but don’t be attached, because separation is a matter of course.

Do not waste your life in places where you will regret it.

When you let go, then you will stop suffering.

Every wound is maturity.

Desperate people can save, inferiority people are helpless, only when they are aware of themselves, surrender to themselves, modify themselves, can they change others.

You do not have to be dissatisfied attitude people; you must return to your criticism is right. Discontenting others is misery for yourself.

If a person cannot forgive others in their heart, their hearts will never be at ease.

A person whose mind and mind is full of thoughts will never hear the heart of others.

Destroying people only needs a sentence; building people takes thousands of words, please “Multi-mouth downstream”.

Do not need to turn around to see who is cursing you? Suppose a mad dog bit you, did you have to run to taste again?

Never waste a moment thinking of someone you don’t like.

May you bring compassion and a peaceful attitude to express your grievances and dissatisfaction, so that others can accept them.

The same is such a vase; why do you contain poison? The same peace of mind why you must be filled with such troublesome brain?

What we can’t achieve, we will always think it’s beautiful because you know it so little, you don’t have time to spend it. But then one day, when you understand deeply, you will find it is not as beautiful as your imagination.

To live a day is blessed of a day, so be cherished. When I cried, I did not have sandals to wear; then I discovered someone without legs.

It takes a little bit of psychic energy to pay attention to other people by reducing a little bit of psychic energy reflecting yourself, you understand?

Hatred of others is the most significant loss to me.

Everyone has their own lives, but not everyone understands that even cherishes their own lives more. A person who does not understand life is a punishment for them.

Love is the cause of suffering, letting go of your attachment to be free.

Don’t make assertions about how you think; this will save you regret.

When you are honest with yourself, no one will lie to you.

The person who conceals his or her shortcomings by hurting other people is a villain.

He silently cares about blessing others, which is an invisible giving.

Do not try to guess the way other people think, if you do not judge correctly with wisdom and experience, it is common sense to make mistakes.

To understand a person, just by looking at their destination and departure points, they can know if they are sincere.

metta buddha

The truth of human life is hidden in the monotonous ordinary.

The person who does not bathe, the more perfume there will be. Reputation and honour come from genuine learning. There are fragrant natural virtues.

Time will pass, let time clear your afflictions.

You just take the simple things seriously, so you will be very miserable.

People who are always wary of other people’s goodwill have no cure.

If you say a lie, you have to make up ten more untrue sentences to fill it up.

Living a useless day, doing nothing, is like stealing a criminal.

Promoting them predestined, is not hurting anyone.

Silence is the best answer to defamation.

Revered to the person is solemn for yourself.

Having innocent love will have it all.

Coming is random, going is of course. So you need to “Depending charm but constant invariant, constant constant depending predestined”.

Mercy is your best weapon.

Only need to face reality; you will overcome fact.

Conscience is the fairest court of each person; you can lie to others but never lie to your conscience.

People who do not love themselves cannot love others.

Sometimes we want to ask ourselves silently; what are we pursuing? We live for what?

Do not because of little dispute that is far from your close friends, nor because of a bit of resentment and forget the graces of others.

Thank you for what I have. Thank you for what I don’t have.

If it is possible to stand at the perspective of others to think for them, that is compassion.

Say not to be sarcastic, do not hurt, do not show off your talents, do not show bad things of people, will naturally turn the enemy into a friend.

Honestly face the contradictions and shortcomings in your heart, don’t lie to yourself.

Cause and effect don’t owe us anything, so please don’t blame it.

Most people only do three things in their entire life: Lie to them, lie to them, and be deceived.

The mind is the biggest fraud, others may lie to you temporarily, but it deceives you for a lifetime.

Just self-discipline, the east-south-west north is good. If there is a person who has not made it, do not escape alone.

When you hold something tightly in your hand without letting it go, you only have this; if you let go, then you have the opportunity to choose other things. If a person persists with his conception, refuses to let go, then wisdom can only be reached to a certain extent.

If you can live through the days of peace, then that’s a blessing. So many people today have not seen the sun of tomorrow, so many people today have become disabled, so many people today have lost their freedom, so many people today have become home water dissolves.

You have your outlook; I have my vision; I have nothing to do with you. As long as I can, I will touch you. If not possible, I resign.
You hope to grasp eternity; you need to control the present.

Evil password, forever do not let it utter from our mouth, no matter how bad people are, how much evil. The more you curse them, the more dirty your mind is, you think, they are your excellent knowledge.

Other people can cause wrongdoing; others can harm us, beat us, destroy us. But let us not resent them because of that, why? Because we are bound to keep a complete nature and a pure soul.

If a person has never experienced painful suffering, then it is difficult to sympathize with others. If you want to learn the spirit of saving pain, you must first endure suffering.

The world does not belong to you, so you need not drop; what needs to be lost is the stubbornness. Everything is for us, but not for us.

Because we cannot change the world around us, we must change ourselves, facing all with compassion and a wise mind.


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