Buddha Said. On the off chance that an individual remains nearby and consistently follows by this insatiability and doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to avoid it, it is probably going to be hurtful to himself. He often uses the image of gold, silver, and treasures, like a poisonous snake that will bite us to death.

Human greed is like a bag without a bottom, a bag without a bottom, no matter how much gold and silver you hold cannot be full. Also, human greed ( human behavior ) is insatiable so there is no stopping point, no limit, but infinite limit …

That is why people always chase after sensual pleasures, never stopping. Just like an ephemera plunges into the light without knowing how dangerous it will be and it cannot tell when it will hit the light and it will die immediately.

People do not see the danger of greed, so the craving is more and more misery. This greed is manifested in all its different forms.

There are people out of greed who try to earn a living by different livelihood jobs: such as working for the state, as a company, as a farmer, as a business, raising livestock and so on. Day and night to wake up early to work hard to save to create a career to live for yourself and your family. Thanks to your own effort, when you have the property, you always think of the fear of losing and being robbed.

Wealthy people who have money from their properties are also miserable. If you are lucky enough to be robbed, stolen, confiscated, burned by fire or accidentally swept away by the floods, wailing, pounding your chest, unconsciously unconscious, trying hard. skinny to get rich, that much wealth is useless and has no results.

There are people out of greed (human behavior) that no longer conscience to eat of bribes, eat and eat less wealth possessed sweat of others.

who because of greed must gamble and bet in order to get rich to have wealth, in the end, wealth does not see but gives a tragic result that is bankruptcy, no more wealth, houses. confiscated …
There are people out of greed to buy lottery tickets, numbering to ask for a lot of money to get rich money, the results also empty-handed the house was broken, debts are piling up …
There are people out of greed that first have a bike when you get a bike and then want to have a honda car, when you have a honda car and then want to have a car … So, greed has no world. the term is like that.

human behavior When there are many assets, they often conflict with each other. Like a family quarreling with each other, husband and wife dispute, father and son dispute, mother and daughter dispute, brothers dispute, sisters dispute, friends dispute …

People for material needs, money, property that pursues greed, selfish greed, and selfishness. So the breakdown of family conflict and loss of happiness also occurs from here. The reason is also because of this greed, so no longer love each other, cover each other anymore, frequent wars occur, scrambles, disputes with each other.

All the desires mentioned above bring a painful outcome, even though the desire for wealth,
created by any means, brings damage and danger to oneself. , for relatives and for the whole society. They are all the actions of evil, of unwholesome are reflected in the body, speech, and mind of oneself. Because in the practice often think about wanting to be rich than others,
so the body and the onions must act to harm themselves, harm people and harm beings.

The above-mentioned things are due to the greed of greed:”It is education that causes people to do bad deeds about the body,
do bad deeds about words and do bad deeds about the mind.

Because they live to do bad deeds about the body, do the bad deeds about words, do the bad deeds about the mind, when the body is ruined, they are born in the evil realms,

the evil animals fall to the hell and hell. So is the danger of education, leading to future suffering, suffering aggregates,
due to sex as a cause, due to sex as a cause, due to the education itself as a cause. “(Sutta aggregates-Central)

Buddha said those things are evil.

If a person stays close and always follows by this greed and does not know,
how to stay away from it, it is very likely to be harmful to himself. He often uses the image of gold, silver, and treasures, like a poisonous snake that will bite us to death.

If one keeps running after this (human behavior) greed for the sake of life,

it must endure suffering and the path of samsara also goes from here. The Buddha taught liberation to those who give up greed. There is no more suffering because the cause is not greedy and the result is not suffering. When everyone knows that due to greed, suffering ends, eliminating this greed,
the result of peacefulness and happiness will be immediate.

Buddha taught very real: “The less fun, more suffering, more brain, the more the danger.”
This is a saying that summarizes the Buddha’s experience of the painful truth of life,
often used by him to remind renunciants as well as home disciples to control sensory desires.
to live without the contentment of desire, no longer be affected by the sensual motives,
convenient for the practice towards the complete liberation of all bondage of suffering.

People should learn little virtue for wanting to know enough, don’t be greedy. Even if I am poor, I feel enough, I don’t complain,

so there is no need to pray to Buddha for support.

As for the rich, they should also learn less to want to know enough,
do not eat luxuries, spend spontaneously, spend much wealth … Misfortune of misery or happiness of happiness, richness or poverty, luxury or cowardice,
the lack of hunger or sufficient abundance, beautiful or ugly …
All are due to the cause and effect actions that people have created. It is not a god or a supreme being blessed or tragedy on anyone, but I am the owner of many blessed things.

The Buddha taught that people who want to be rich must give up greed, selfishness, stinginess, and stinginess. Then we will enjoy the wealth of wealthy and smuggled wealth. But when being blessed with riches and riches, don’t be proud of it. Because that wealth is compounded, it is impermanent,so do not cling to it. but must learn to let go, away from the pitfalls of sensuality.
so that the body and mind are always at peace and peace.this is the new smuggled merit no longer has to drift away from life and death.

May Triple Gem Less You All..


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