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Buddha Teachings How To Truly Get Rich

How To Truly Get Rich, Do not think that Buddhists must live in poverty. Actually, Buddha really wants sentient beings to have a life full of happiness.
In the eyes of the people who have expensive villas, cars, phones and many other assets are wealthy; someone who has a beautiful wife, beautiful children, and earn a living like a kite in the wind, makes other people craving and jealous. But the most important thing is whether such wealth exists forever in the impermanence of all things which are predestined?

Choose a career that enriches according to 5 things Buddha taught

Do not trade weapons

Not wholesale girls

Don’t trade intoxicants

Don’t trade meat

Do not trade poison

Keep trust

In the past, many people thanks to the word “credibility” and thanks to business ethics prospered, bringing a good life not only for themselves and their families but also contributed greatly to promoting social development.

In addition, many people have a lot of money due to illegal business, fraud, fraud, deceive others with many different tricks: fake goods, counterfeit goods, poor quality … which consequently restrains the development in all aspects of society including moral corruption.

In fact, the “credibility” has never been sustainable with time. By sowing, bad karma will create evil karma. Therefore, after choosing a suitable career, Buddhists must always keep in mind the commitment of getting rich by the righteous path to create good karma; All possessions must be clean and righteous with the sweat and effort of the mind.

Only in this way do we ourselves, our loved ones have peace, and our possessions will be lasting.

How to get rich as the Buddha taught?

At one time, the Blessed One stayed in Sàvatthi, in Mr Anàthapindika’s garden. Then the Anàthapindika owner came, after paying homage and sat down on one side. The Blessed One said to Anàthapindika’s owner:

Hey homeowner, there are five reasons to build a fortune. How is the year?

Here, Master, the disciple is possessed through diligent efforts, collected with the power of his hands, earned by sweating, obtained legally. Do yourself peace, joy. Making parents, wives and children, servants and employees happy, joyful. This is the first reason to build assets.

Again, homeowners, Saints disciples to earn property through diligent effort… This makes friends, friendly friends, happiness. This is the second reason for building a property.

Hey Homeowner, the Holy disciple earns fortune through diligent effort… The calamity to become white is stopped and he keeps property safe for him. This is the third reason to build assets.

Again, homeowners, Saints disciples to earn property through diligent effort… He can offer sacrifices to relatives, to guests, to the spirit of the dead; offered to the king and the gods. This is the fourth reason to build assets.

Hey Homeowner, the Holy disciple earns fortune through diligent effort… He organized offerings to the Mon, Brahmins. This ultimate offering leads to immeasurable merit in the human realm, heaven. This is the fifth reason to build assets.

Getting rich as the Buddha taught also means creating happiness for everyone from family to society, which is a way of enriching the virtues of the Buddha’s son. Getting rich is not guilty but only guilty when getting rich illegally, causing suffering for himself for people, for all beings. True enrichment is still what the Buddha encourages and praises us.

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