The person who will help us is our own self, there is no one who is willing to help us. A person who will defeat their minds will reach the path of Nirvana. buddha teachings

buddha teachings,An individual who comprehends this hypothesis which is expressed in the above gatha will have the option to work with certainty and be eager to make their life more brilliant right now after birth. On the off chance that an individual who isn’t believing their own self will be presented to trouble, dissatisfaction and this may persuade undesirable convictions to recapture their life back yet at the same time be pointless and misuse of cash. The results of this occasionally may lead them to change their own religion.

But in Buddhism, it is clearly mentioned how we can reach wisdom by our own self-determination.  Using the “Natharkana Suthraya” Lord Buddha was able to define the consequences of this self-determination, self-confidence and how to make the wisdom in this birth and after death as well. Following are the positive attributes that can be gained by following the path of “Natharka Suthraya”,

no one in this world could ever defeat this theory of Lord Buddha. The people who follow this way of wisdom will be able to gain positive attributes in their day to life as well.

sueēdhī asueēdhi Pac tētaṁ – nāñēñamañēsañō visasōdhasa

Cleanliness and untidiness are always made by us to our own selves. No one can clean and no one can destroy it with untidiness. Simply referred to as the thing making you unhappy is your own self others have no control over your thoughts or mind.

sīlo sahōti

Following the good quality of ethical behaviour is considered as the main thing. Life is always based on this good ethical behaviour, if a person won’t follow good ethical behaviour in Buddhism his life is considered to be in a darker place always.  For the ordinary people who follow the five precepts can have a prosperous life this life and in life after death. dhamsamō ha sē rak ti dhamma cāriṁ ’ (will be a better person towards the religion)

“Person who follows buddha teachings will always get protected by Buddhism”

People who have self-confidence and follow good ethical behavior will not face danger. They will always get blessed and will always have relief in their life,

  • will always receive necessary needs on time
  • shall be able to have good friends and good reputation among them
  • will always be the top in everywhere
  • will be able to have a keen mind
  • after death will be pleasant (heaven)

always should keep in mind Buddhism is a religion which will help us in our present life and after death too.

(2). bahusēsusatō sahōti (having a better knowledge in Buddhism)

When a person knows the facts of Buddhism very well. He/ She can make them practically apply to their day to day activities. And work according to those good ethical practices. But the main thing is they should know the facts 100% from top to bottom. So due to this they can separate the good from bad and make them useful to their daily routine. The utmost last prayer of every Buddha is Nirvana and to get closer to Nirvana we should know the facts to behave as a Buddhist first with proper knowledge.

(3) kalyāṇa mitēsatō sahōti (Being a good friend)

We all need a good loyal friend in our life. A best friend should always be happy for one another and should help each other in their success. In“Sigalowada Suthraya” Lord Buddha has mentioned about 4 types of friends. The first type is a friend who helps their friend always no matter what the situation. The second type is who always looks after their friend, he/she consider the friend’s problems as their problems. The third type of friend is who helps to make this birth and next birth prosperous. The final type of friend is the one who is truly happy for the friend’s success and gets unhappy in their friend’s problems.

(4.) suesa ō sahōti (Being Humble)

We should always accept the mistakes which are shown by others to us. No matter what age or what status they are in, even if a child could show us our mistake we should always thank them and make our mistake. Rahula Thero was a person who always liked to have advices so he prayed every day thinking that he should get more and more advice from others to make his life better.

(5) eksa ō sahōti (talented person  to understand)

A person should work accurately, also should be able to act according to the situation. always ordinary people must behave according to the five precepts. they should not be lazy or should not always find reasons to avoid being ethical. people must get the courage to obey the five precepts so as a result, they will be able to have a good life after death. also, they can understand what are the negative thoughts that will come to our mind and try to control those negative thoughts and try to fill their minds with positive thoughts.

A clever person will understand what are the negative thoughts and they will get out of them. they will not get attached to materialistic things, for example, we need food only to fill up our hunger but if a person eats food more greedily then his/her mind is filled up with unwanted negative thoughts and be lazy. this situation can be explained as when the wind can pull up a tree and let it fall down just like the wind negative thoughts in our mind will make us fall into the darkness like the tree

(6) dhammakāsamō sahōti (Preference towards Buddhism)

Buddhism has been defined as a religion that will help people to find the path to wisdom. Buddhism is compared to sea the deeper we get the deeper we understand the facts. A person who goes deeper into Buddhism deeper mental satisfaction. Also, that person will enjoy life following Buddhism will be more curious about the deeper mind relaxing facts. Without expecting anything in return they will behave with good ethics which will give relief to their mind.

(7) āreēdha virisa ō sahōti (Courage to start and finish something)

When we start doing something we should have the utmost courage to finish it at three kinds of levels, first the start, middle stage, and final stage. Even we get problems in between we should never give up the hopes we should always believe that we can do it. Not only in the day to day practices we should not give up our hopes even in following and believing in Buddhism and should always believe that one day we can find wisdom. People must not try to make unborn (sins) unwholesome and should always try to make wholesome.

(8) sanētuṭsaṭhō sahōti (Happy with smallest things in life)

People should satisfy their needs using the smallest things. We should be happy with what we have. Lord Buddha has preached happiness is the best treasure that a person can get so we should be happy with what we have. A person who is not happy with what they have is like a person who sells flowers he will go to each and every tree to pluck flowers and won’t get enough. A person who gets attached to materialistic things will make their soul be in a darker place. The stingy people will collect the money and stay without eating and fulfilling their needs which will result in them to suffer in sadness in this birth and even after death.

(9). satimā sahōti (Positive Thoughts)

Every day we should think well and make decisions. Thinking and keeping the thoughts steady with positive attributes. We shouldn’t let our mind to ruin with negative thoughts and must understand negative thoughts and let them go and fill our minds with positive thoughts. We should train our minds to balance our thoughts through meditation. Meditation is the best way to control our thoughts.

(10.) pañēñāo sahōtī ( Clever Mind)

The final factor is cleverness. Without this, we cannot understand anything. We should have a clever mind to abstract Buddhism facts. Buddha has preached “My religion is only for the clever people “. A clever person should be able to identify the Three Marks of Existence. Our ultimate last wish should be to understand the “Four Noble Truths “.

Whoever the person understands these facts will focus their own self to go towards Nirvana”

May Triple Gem Less You All..


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