The Buddha’s teachings on life and death to be at peace with the law of aging and death
The story of life and death is something that people cannot avoid in this world. The Buddha’s teaching about life and death to be more peaceful before the rule of birth and death!

1. The story of mustard seed and Buddha

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was slender, weak, and poor, living in, named Kisa (meaning sick girl).
When growing up, she also had a husband like many other girls; but was despised and despised by everyone in her husband because she belonged to the inferior, inferior, and working class.
Her life began to change when she gave birth to her first child, she was treated more and more nicely by everyone in her husband. Unfortunately, her baby died shortly after being ill.
The dead child almost made the girl mad; Despite great suffering, she still hoped that someone could save her child from life, so she hugged her body to find a healer.
Meditate on the story of Buddha and the mustard seed.

Looking at the scene of the tragedy, lost and wandering every step of the way to find the reincarnation medicine for their children, the people followed only pitying and mourning; because rescuing a child is impossible and that girl still has hope.
Someone was so compassionate, so she guided her to the Tathagata, hoping for the Buddha’s degree. On arrival, she earnestly begged the Tathagata to save a life for her children.
Knowing the profound causes and conditions, the Buddha immediately promised to help her save the child. Hearing that, her heart surged with boundless hope, she thought that her children would definitely be saved.

Waiting for the predestined relationship to ripen, the Buddha immediately instructed, “Young girl, go to a house where no one has ever died so please come here and give me some mustard seed, I will save the baby’s life for you.”
Convinced that her son would be saved if he had a few mustard seeds in a family without the dead, she was excited to leave, with endless joy and joy. “Every mustard seed,” she thought, should be extremely happy, full of hope, because, in a short while, her children will be saved by those miraculous seeds.

Mustard seeds are in every home, but finding it in a family without the dead is not possible. Why? Because every household has dead people.
She lost and lost all the village on the bottom, from village to village, she went around the cave and alley, but could not find a family without the dead as requested by the Tathagata.
Too frustrated and tired, she collapsed on the side of the road, still clutching her baby’s body. So much hope is no more. She looked at him with affection,

though the baby’s body was stiff.
In extreme pain, she realized, everyone will die, sooner or later only. The pain of loss is a fact of human life, the love that must be separated is suffering, a pain, a union, a law of causal consequences of life.
From there, she did not look for mustard seeds anymore, but took her son’s body into the forest and serenely returned to the white Buddha and asked to be ordained.

2. The Buddha’s teaching about life and death through a mustard seed story

Through the touching story of motherhood above, let’s listen to the Buddha’s teaching about life and death to better understand the laws of life in this world.
Life and death are inevitable in the world.
Life and death are inevitable in the world.
“Born self-born hybrid, red-faced past?” Born from, were to die? That is the question that has puzzled people ever since. Faced with the fear of death, there are those who hustle to enjoy the fear of not being able to meet the short-term deadline.

Others, on the contrary, strive to cling to, accumulate wealth, the race for fame, power … to forget to eat, to sleep, to forget about death lurking with the illusion that if any gain fame of power or wealth, may be able to shield death from coming! The fact that everything in this world is impermanent, temporary.

Suffering always clings to the human condition, material suffering such as lack of food, clothing,
and then suffering because of old-death-death so in the past,
people used to try to practice immortality to live life, but who never die?
When we go to bed, we cannot guarantee whether we will be alive tomorrow. Therefore, when you wake up early in the morning, live as if today is the last day of your life,
live until you close your eyes and do not regret anything.


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