The disciples, if anyone offends, hurting your body, you should restrain your mind, do not let the fiery anger burn. Must keep the words, the voice, don’t let go of evil words to retaliate against anyone.

1- The disciples, after the Tathagata passed away, you must respect and respect the precepts as the poor get rich, as the blind man gets his eyesight. You must know that the teachings are the ultimate master. No matter how many more years he lived, Tathagata was not outside the purpose of teaching them about the precepts. The precepts are not allowed to trade, trade, build houses, plow the garden, invest in agriculture, hire maids, in a secular manner. Do not cut down trees, dig soil, hang caves, prepare medicinal materials, guess good or bad, see why to think the network, study geography, investigate mania, or consider the schedule of numbers.

You should live with the moderation of your body, eat and drink moderately, maintain a high lifestyle and deliverance. You’re not attending politics, consular communications, information. Do not practice incantations, make miraculous preparations, communicate with noble people, make friends with the arrogant. Need to keep the mind honest, mindful, and awake in every moment, expect enlightenment results. Do not hide mistakes, display charm to attract the masses. Must live a little want, know enough for the four offerings. Living just enough to practice, not to store wealth and money, only spoke about the observance of the precepts. That discipline is the basic, the root of liberation. By keeping the teachings, meditation, and wisdom arising, can destroy suffering. So please keep the precepts completely. Those who follow the pure rules will cultivate good deeds. Those who lack the teachings cannot generate merit.

2.The disciples, you must tame the five senses so that they do not follow the scene, sex, and pleasure. The practitioner must be like a shepherd holding copper rod, do not let the buffalo trampled on his rice. Once you let go of the five senses, not only will you not tame the five sensual pleasures, but you will not be able to stop the erection of liberty, as the witness horse without the reins, it will plunge into the pit. The suffering of the enemy robbers only one life, while the enemy’s senses cause beings suffering many lives. Its disaster is hazardous. You must be careful.

Therefore, wise people need to tame the senses rather than submit to them; preserve them as watchmen for bandits, do not let them rage, manipulate. Disciples, in human regards, the essential idea. You must carefully tame your mind. The mind is terrifying, more dangerous than wild animals, poisonous snakes, even more, dangerous than fire. Just as someone who’s engrossed in keeping a cup of honey in his hand and forgetting to bunker on the road, he will stumble. Just as elephants drunk without an iron hook, like apes meeting a wild tree and jumping around, it’s hard to control them. So the diligent tame his mind, to preserve all the good deeds. When the mind tamed in one place, nothing fails.

3. Hey disciples, when using the offerings, you should conceive as medicine. Delicious no ham, unfinished bad. Eat and drink just to keep from hunger. As bees suck honey in flowers, only get the taste, do not hurt the flavor. The renunciation, too: life use of offerings to health enough practice, not too much desire, to damage the faith of the candidates. Be like a wise man who knows the strength and strength of his buffalo, and should not use too much buffalo to the point of exhaustion. My disciples, during the day, I will try to practice the Dharma well, so that no time will go to waste.

At the beginning of the night and the end of the night, I don’t want to panic In the middle of the night chanting and practicing. Do not because sleep deprivation that let life pass in vain. Keep in mind that the impermanent fire is burning the world, to improve ourselves, overcome laziness, sleep diligently.

The affliction always lurks to kill you, more dangerous than the enemy, how can you wear sleep and sleep without vigilance! Disturbing sleep in the heart of people, as well as poisonous snakes lying in the house, must use iron hook virtue that pulls it out urgently. When the venomous snake came out, I could sleep peacefully. A poisonous serpent, who is not yet into sleep and sleep, is a shameless person, shame, the most beautiful jewelry of all. The scandal has the power to overpower all human and illegal things. So live with the disgraceful mind, never forget that quality. Loss of shame is to lose all merit. There is a disgrace. There is all goodness. No shame, there are other species of animals.

4. Hey disciples, if anyone insults you, hurt your body, you should restrain your mind, don’t let the anger of the anger burn. Must keep the words, the voice, don’t let go of evil words to retaliate against anyone. The passion of the mind will teach you to ruin your career and to burn all merit and practice. The virtues of patience, observance of morality and asceticism are also not comparable. Practicing the virtue of new rings is worthy of being a powerful being. Those who have not been able to endure humiliating joy, such as drinking oranges, cannot yet be worthy of being religious. Anger will destroy all the healing, and it is more dangerous than fire. You must guard carefully, do not allow hatred to enter.

Among the enemies of merit, anger is the most vulnerable. The worldly people enjoy longing for sensual pleasures, lack of the method of control, and if there is anger, they can be forgiven.

The renunciation of all the joys of life without eliminating irritation is deplorable, just like the clear sky with thunder and lightning rising is not appropriate. My disciples, please pat your head and remember: you left all the cosmetics and jewels of the world, put on a ragged robe, lived by alms. When arrogant, arrogant mentality emerged, it immediately overpowered it. Pride is an evil nature that a human being should not have, let alone a renunciate for liberation, living by alms! These disciples, flattering psychology in stark contrast to the freedom directed. Therefore, train your mind to be truly upright. Be aware that flattery is a lie that renunciates should not have. Must make the mind the Chief Justice, promoting the virtue of integrity. That is the way to religion.

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5. Hey disciples, you should know that those who desire more and more need to benefit, so that suffering increases. The few who want are not wishing, not immersed, so it is not bad. Just with that benefit is enough for them to cultivate, practice, let alone when this virtue can develop merit! People who want less often do not please people by flattering, bending, and not being wrongly manipulated by the senses. Practitioners wish to less, the mind is at peace, no more worries, sorrow, having enough energy to deal with, nothing can be done. In general, less happy to live near Nirvana. 9. My disciples, if you want to free all suffering, you should regularly know enough to practice. The Dharma knows enough to be the basis of peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

People who know enough despite lying on the ground still feel at peace. People who do not know enough despite living in heaven again do not feel satisfied. Not sure yet rich but very poor. Knowing enough is unfortunate, but very rich. One who does not know enough is a slave of the junior year of sensuality and is also a pitiful stele for the practitioner who knows enough.

6. The disciples want to achieve the pure President, immaculate, at peace, you have to leave the hustle and bustle, live alone in the comfortable, deserted places. People in a quiet area, God-like gods, and gods are respected. Therefore, you should leave the congregation, live a relaxed, relaxed life, and cut the suffering roots with intellectual thinking. People who like the assemblies are disturbed by the group, like an old tree that has many birds gathered that can have damaged branches. The world that binds man is suffering is like an old, muddy, helpless elephant. It is the transcendent conduct, and you need to keep in mind.

7- Hey disciples, hard work is not difficult. So you must be diligent and diligent like a small drop of water that can often pierce stones. A spiritual practitioner who is lazy is like a person rubbing a tree to catch fire, a tree that has not been hot enough for a rest, even though it is earnestly able to catch fire. Be diligent non-stop.

8- The disciples pray for good knowledge or people who do not support themselves by promoting mindfulness and awareness. Having mindfulness, disturbing enemies cannot be penetrated. So you have to live in the memorial. Losing mindfulness is synonymous with losing merit. Having sustained mindfulness, there is nothing wrong with living in a five-dimensional environment, like a soldier going to battle wearing armor is not afraid anymore.

9- The disciples, photographers, are minds to make the mind dwell in concentration. The spirit of meditation will comprehend the world of arising and passing away. You must practice diligently in meditation. Mass, the state of agitation, the disorder will disappear as well as those who know how to keep the country must protect the dikes well. Also, to have intellectual water, you must skillfully practice meditation, not to let it leak.

10- This disciple, intellectual, there is no greed, always self-awareness and self-examination, so that he can liberate in the teachings of Tathagata. Without wisdom, it is not worthy of the renunciation. Intellect is a stable boat crossing the sea of ​​samsara, a dazzling lamp in the darkness of ignorance, the medicinal medicine of all diseases, and a sharp hammer that cuts off the tree of afflictions. Therefore, you need to cultivate the wisdom of “literature, thought, and cultivation” to increase benefits. Who has the knowledge to shine, even though the eye of the flesh is still the right view, sees the nature of things.

11- Hey disciples, reasoning only makes the mind confused. The renunciant who live thinking can not achieve enlightenment. Therefore, you must quickly abandon psychology and futility permanently. Eliminating disturbing arguments can achieve peace and pass away.

12- Dear disciples, keep in mind the merit to abandon all distractions, such as staying away from the enemies of the robbery of holy property. Demonstrating great compassion, Tathagata has said ultimate Dharma benefits. For your part, make efforts to strive regularly, do not let life pass in vain, later to repent, regret it is late. Tathagata, as a physician, clearly knows the pathology, prescribes medical conditions for each person. Whether or not to drink is not the fault of a physician. Tathagata, as well as the directions, indicating where the path should go and towards liberation. Knowing the right way without refusing to step on the road is not the fault of the guru!

13- “Dear disciples, for the four noble truths, if there is any place that is not thorough, you should ask, the Tathagata will only show it to you.” World Religion advises three such times; four of them are silent, no one has questions.

At that time, Venerable white Buddha said: -World Religion, although the moon can become hot, the sun has grown cold, but the Four Noble Truths that the Tathagata taught can not be changed. Suffering is the reality of suffering in life. In essence, birth is suffering; aging is suffering, sickness is suffering, death is suffering, the hatred that is encountered is suffering, love that must be divided is suffering, attachment to the five groups of people may be experiencing. The ultimate cessation is a state of being free of all suffering, and the cause of pain is peace, Nirvana. The Noble Truth is the path to order, the eight good tracks, and the middle path; there is no other way. World Religion, all four of them no longer have questions about these four noble truths.

14- At that time, among them, the students of the school had to face the fact that the Buddha would be inexperienced in Nirvana and felt compassion and pain. The new line of disciples who had just heard the final teachings was transformed, like in the night, thanks to the light, so they saw the way. The uneducated disciples have eradicated the defilements, beyond samsara, still cannot stop the pity: “Why did the Blessed One enter Nirvana so soon! At that time, the Buddha taught four more people to explain: “Hey disciples, don’t be sad and sad. Although Tathagata has to live another life, then it must come to Nirvana. enlightenment without breaking up; combining without disintegrating is impossible.

” As for Tathagata, his experience and the knowledge of his benefits, his benefits, and Tathagata all declared. There is no benefit if the Tathagata lives long in life, and you do not practice Dharma. The being’s worth, Tathagata, has all levels. The people have not been, Tathagata has also created conditions for them to be chemical. From now on, disciples of Tathagata should follow the Dharma tradition and practice. That is the way to make the Tathagata body often, and forever and forever in the world. Tathagata abounds Nirvana or not; it does not matter.

Disciples, you should realize that all objects and phenomena in this world are transformed, impermanent, combined, there must be disintegration, nothing to attachment, pitiful. Life is like that; you must strive diligently to free yourself. Use the intellectual light to destroy the darkness of delusion. Life is an unstable operation. Tathagata countless residual Nirvana as away a disease. These are the five groups of humanity, sinful, temporarily called relatives, so it is subject to the ruthless domination of old age, illness, and death. The wise mind, when he escapes, feels like he has finished suppressing bandits. So, is death not worth rejoicing or peaceful? My disciples, you must earnestly seek the path of liberation. The whole world from moving objects to inactive objects is no longer healthy, and there is no reality, then it is time to perish.

Well, you quiet, do not say another word! It is time for the Tathagata to attain Nirvana. Those are the last teachings of the Tathagata.


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