The Buddha’s teachings, Self-centered, Pure,
Our mind is only at peace when we accept what we do and the consequences of it, accept the good and the bad that happen to us. Praise and blame, love and hate, joy and anger are all the same. Good comes unhappy, bad things don’t disappoint. What has decided to do is do not regret cheap, not afraid to criticize good or bad.

Buddha taught 10 things to live naturally in a lifetime

Freedom, peace means freedom in the mind

Almost everyone wants to lead to spiritual purity in their lives. Everyone wants to have the happiness to forget their difficulties, hardships, and worries. And, enjoy moments of inner peace and liberation from worries and sorrows.

What is peace of mind? It is a state of tranquility and tranquility of inner self along with a sense of freedom. Once there are no more thoughts and worries, there is no sorrow, tension, and fear. Moments like this are not uncommon. We experience these moments, for example, when we are focusing on some of the fascinating jobs or activities we love, such as when we watch a great episode or an interesting TV show. guide. Or when we are with someone we love or when we read a good book or lie down on the white sand along the coast.


Freedom means freedom in the mind. Buddhism teaches that people who are liberated are those who know how to be free from disturbing emotions and have no inner attachments. 10 things in order below will make you feel satisfied with life, accept what you are going through, make you serene and happy.

1. Life in freedom: life is finite, no one can arrange, predestined thousands of lives without long, adjacent to a concept that is not short, this is life in freedom. So, never mind the long or short life, only care how to live well.

2. Self-reliance: all material resources are retribution from previous lives, bridges are not allowed, hope is not available, only self-improvement.

3. Industry in self: depending on the industry that career, that career reincarnation, depending on the negativity that set career.

4. Born in freedom: born is predestined, born where, as children are predestined karmic retribution, cannot be changed.

5. Pray for liberty: ordinary people have a wish that it is hard to be free, so it is best to turn into vain, only to be sincere and to do, fullness or not depending on predestined.

6. Self-centered: free inner, not greedy, no sorrow, no desire, most are calm
7. As free will: what must come will come, what must go will go, no matter what, people are not capable of hindering or avoiding, so just calmly received.

8. Dharma-liberation: practice will be fullness, enlightenment will be enlightened, single-mindedly accept Buddhist concept.

9. Win-lose self: winning yourself is the biggest victory, losing yourself is the biggest loss.

10. Self-liberation: like the position to practice good and live good, people with intelligence, expertise, people without wisdom are ignorant. The mind is for self-improvement, not for fame and gain.

May Triple Gem Bless you all


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