The Buddha, besides teaching morality,

practicing the attainment of the Saints liberates the home students, The buddha also advises them to work hard to become wealthy and wealthy. With the fruits of labor gained by the hands and minds, Buddhists need to develop the wisdom to manage and spend so that they benefit themselves and those who benefit them, useful for the present life and the next life.
According to World Religion, it must have a new position to take advantage of the assets, not only will it not be lost, but it will also be profitable. Photography means acquiring, managing and preserving assets made by them. Life is life expectancy, enjoyment, and spending of your property so that life can be peaceful and happy. Speaking in modern language is to manage wealth and spend money properly, scientifically.

“At one time, the Buddha was in the garden of Loneliness, the forest of the Qilamas, the water of Sàsasa. Then, there was a great natural appearance, at the end of the night, he went to the Buddha, bowed to the Buddha’s feet, and sat back and forth, from his body radiating light all over the garden of the Lonely Level, the forest of the States-da. The other angel said he asked Buddha:

How do creators / Intellect to bridge / Get together with property / Or more, or worse?

Now, The Blessed Buddha One said,

New apprenticeship skill / Find ways to collect assets / Get other assets / Must be divide into four /. One is self-help / Two is for businesses / The rest is for / Thinking about the needy /. Business people / Farmers or traders / Buffalo, prosperous goats / Benefit building / Bedroom creation / Six living things / Means of creating everything / Happiness for a lifetime. Skillful to practice like that / Wisdom to use the bridge / Of the treasures whereby birth / As the lines of the sea /. Property so much / Like bees gathering sweetness / Day and night of increasing / As ants pile up bait /.

Do not deliver the elderly / Do not send people around / Do not trust the crooks / Accompanied people /. Close to successful people / Far from losers / Normal people to work / Like fire / burn. People who value good friends / Be friendly with good people / Sympathy like brothers / Cleverly support each other /. In the family circle / Expression like buffalo / Depending on where people need it / Fertilizers for eating / Drinking When the age is over, / Birth to heaven enjoys.

At that time, the other Angel said: Long saw Ba-la-Mon / Mau reached Bat-nirvana / Through all fear / Surpass the life of love.

The other angel listened to the Buddha, finished his wedding, and bowed his head to the Buddha’s feet, then disappeared. ”

(The A-Ham Sutta, number 1283)

According to the Buddha, the property made by itself should be divided into four parts. A quarter of wealth goes to live. Businesses have money to spend, take care of health, take care of food and drink, buy amenities to serve life. Being frugal and stingy with yourself and your family is not recommend. Two-quarters of the assets needed to invest in production or business. Without saving to invest in production or business, it will be difficult for development opportunities. A quarter of the remaining assets is saving in case of illness or uncertainty; a portion of this space can be used for offerings, almsgiving, and help people along with other social expenses.

Using the assets made by your efforts and intellect in a four-part way as above, your assets will increase, the family economy will be strong and stable. Today, a Buddhist disciple living in modern society manages and spends assets, although somewhat different but still based on the teachings of Buddha. Therefore, skillful photography is also one of the practices to stabilize and develop the family economy, making life a peaceful and happy life, creating a basis for spiritual upliftment and achievement. rescue.


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