Economic Improvement, I heard that: At one time the Buddha was staying at the Xa-che,
in the garden of Thai Prince Ky-da and Mr. Grant-poison. Now, the mass includes countless Bodhisattvas, heaven, who are sitting around the Buddha. The Buddha preached, the audience unanimously listened.

At that time, he A-nan because of the beings that the Buddha said:

White World Religion! There are countless sentient beings in the world, in terms of humanity, there are beautiful people and bad guys; strong, weak people; the rich and the poor; miserable people, happy people; a man, a coward; Mind, language difference. There are those who have lived to the age of one hundred and not yet dead, the dead thirty; the fifteen-year-old has lost his life, the one who died from the fetus. There are good generals who are good and poor, and have a bad general and leave their wealth. Some people are adamant but their status is low, there are those who are weak but in a noble position.

There are poor people who live long,

have rich people and die soon. Some people do good but have a disaster, and those who do evil can benefit. There are white people whose eyes are cunning and have thin black people whose eyes are gentle. They’re people who are short and full of intentions,
who are tall and who are commanded. There is a crowded descendant, some are alone. Some people are far away from the wandering hometown of hunger and cold,
and, some are allowed to go to the palace to supply excess rice.

There are small people who are poor and old and rich.

Some people are actually innocent but they are in jail. There is a gentle and loving father discussing the sutras. also, brothers fighting against each other, arguing, causing trouble. There”re people who settle in houses with adequate facilities, and there are nomadic people who cannot float everywhere. There are people on trees like birds, sleeping in caves like deer, living like animals. Some people eat fur in holes, do not know the word. Someone sitting without enjoying the blessing and newspaper, there are those who are wandering as guests without a home. There are smart people, stupid fool.

Some people have to trade in order to have money, some do not do it, but their own wealth. There are rich people who are passionate about life, and poor people like to give alms. Some people talk about glass, some people give the original words. Someone is revered, someone is alienated. Some people do good to protect sentient beings, there are those who don’t kill. There are people who are widely minded by many close people, who are often neglected by people. There are brothers who often hate each other. Some people like to listen to the sutra, some listen to the sutra again. There are disrespectful brute people, there are people who love to worship.

A threshold of the World Religion preaching wide of cause and effect, the public heard will conscientiously practice well.

The Buddha told Ananda: As he asked, this place of life everyone reported was not the same, because the previous life they used a different mentality, so when there were thousands of different things in life:

gautam buddha

This life, the good general is righteous because the previous life has been patience, the bad general is badly caused by anger

  • The six-unit full is due to having obeyed the precepts, the six bases are not enough due to breaking the World.
  • People with lips stick together by tasting food before offering.
  • The person with a red face is due to regret the light of the fire.
  • The person with eyes like a sparrow is due to sewing the eagle’s eyes.
  • Dumb people are blasphemy of Buddha Dharma.
  • Deaf people are not interested in listening to the Fa lecture.
  • The nose is caused by burning incense to give to Buddha.
  • The person who cut the lips is due to the fish gills.
  • The hair is burned by turning pigs.

And Also

  • The ear is caused by piercing ears.
  • People like the snake are dressed in thin clothes and suddenly come to the Buddha statue.
  • The black person is due to the Buddha statue on the porch, which is smoky.
  • He is limp because he sees Master without standing up.
  • The hunchback is due to wearing thin clothes that build back with the Buddha image.
  • The forehead of the painter is due to seeing the Buddha without worshipping and slapping his forehead.
  • The short-necked one, because he saw the Head of the Sun, pulled his neck back and turned away.
  • People with a heart attack are caused by stinging living beings.
  • The leprosy is caused by plundering other people’s belongings.
  • People with asthma are caused by the winter, but let others eat cold food.
  • People suffering goitre are caused by sneaking and eating awkwardly.
  • The bad breath is caused by cursing at others.
  • The male defect is due to the castration of the dog.
  • The short tongue is due to absent-mindedness in the absence of the Chief.
  • People with bad character are caused by previous life as snakes and scorpions.
  • Dirty people are caused by past life as pigs.
  • People who like to dance are due to their previous life as actors.
  • Many greedy people are due to their past lives as dogs.
  • People often angry, picky eating is due to previous life crazy.
  • The person with unrighteous eyes is because the previous life often peeked at the other man’s wife.

The Buddha continued to teach:

Adulterous people with other wives or children die as ducks and geese.

  • The adulteress in the circle, damaging as a sparrow.
  • People who regret scripture, hide their wisdom for others, die as a term, and bewitch.
  • to carry bows and arrows, ride horses, and fall to the mankind and border areas.
  • People like to hunt, kill and die as wolves.
  • to install brooch, flower, die to make birds crest.
  • People who like to wear long clothes, fall into long-tail species.
  • He lies and eats, dying as a pig.
  • People like wearing colourful clothes, damaging to colourful birds.
  • The person who pretends to be someone else is damned to be a parrot.
  • People often tease, joke, and die to make pythons with venom.
  • People often make other people unhappy, ridiculous to kill harmful insects.
  • He often reported bad news, damaging to be an owl.
  • The verbal person causes a disaster, dies to make weasels and foxes.
  • People often terrorize others, damaging deer.
  • People often wear wooden clogs to the Buddha’s electricity, damaging them to make their feet clipped.
  • The man who is humble dies of being a beetle.
  • People often use mortar pestle of Sangha, deadly to make firewood.
  • often cut off the food of others, dying to make wood-slaughtering insects.
  • People stealing their water Increased, damaging fish turtles.
  • People dirty their soil Increase, die like an insect in the toilet.

The thieves rob their fruits Rose and fall,

causing insects to eat mud. Stealing their property Tang, dying to be a cow, cheating the mill. Forced to take their belongings Increase, die to fall into horses, drag buffaloes and heavy objects. Scold them, Tang, damn to make insects in the cow’s neck. Eat their veggies Increase, die down deeply in the tree. Sitting on their beds Rising, damaging as earthworms. Using their trifling materials Tang, damaging as a moth.

People who wear brooches to the temple die to make long-billed birds. Go to the temple and apply lipstick, apply chalk, and die as a red beak. Entering the temple wearing colorful clothes, damaging the yellow bird. Husband and wife sleep in the temple, damaging the blue crested insects. Sitting legged in the Buddha’s tower, dying as a camel. Wear shoes to the Vihara, enter the tower to die as a frog. Listening to the dharma, the deadly bird made a hundred tongue. To defile Male-stilts ni purity, death to hell in the iron tunnel, there are ten thousand rounds of cutting and cutting the body.

hen, Mr A-nan Bach Buddha: As the Buddha taught, the sin of human beings is really deep. So, what do people need to do to get merit?

The Buddha said: Those who come to the temple have two kinds of mindfulness, one is kusala citta, and two are evil.

What is mindfulness?

People who come to the temple if they see the Buddha then worship, see Sang, respectfully, ask the meaning of the sutra, receive the precepts, repent, abandon the material to serve the Three Jewels, and keep the Dhamma without regret. Such a person takes one step to come to goodness, the next life is retribution like a ca-ca tree. This is called the supreme healer.

What is an evil mind?

People come to the temple next to them Tang to ask for this object, borrow something; or find things or their bad things Increase to destroy. Or use their food Tang is not ashamed, or take the leftovers, vegetables, and hidden food to take home.

Such people, damaging to hell hot iron tablets, boiling water, charcoal kilns, mountain blades, forest swords. This is, called “the ultimate evil person.”

Buddha told A-nan: Please teach the disciples of my future life, to be careful with the Three Jewels, not to make these mistakes, wholeheartedly devote to devotion, not to mind. If I listen to My words, when the Maitreya emerges, it will definitely be transformed…

May Triple Gem Less You All..


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