The Buddha pointed to 3 things when people are lost to know, making everyone extremely shocked! People are also tired by anger, craving, more anger, more tired … so, before leaving this life, you must learn these 3 things! Please also read the following story: (greed)

There is a billionaire living in a luxurious mansion. But one day he suffered from a serious illness. He suddenly realized that all that is fame, fortune, and material things is actually nothing but smoke.

Fearing that he would not live much longer, he went to a physician to seek advice. After taking the pulse, the physician told him, “Your illness is not cured in this way. I will give you three prescriptions, follow that and follow-through, the first one will move to the next one. ”

The billionaire went home, his heart was filled with hope. He took out his first prescription and read, “Go to a beach and lie there for 30 minutes, doing it for 21 days.” Although difficult to understand, but he still decided to coast. He wandered around and laid back on the sand.

Suddenly a feeling of lightness and pleasure-filled his entire body. Because he was busy before, he had no chance to rest. Now he can calm down to listen to the sound of the wind blowing, the sound of the sea waves mingling with the cry of the seagulls calling for his flock … as comfortable as now.

On the 22nd day, he opened a second prescription, which wrote: “Find 5 fish or shrimp and then drop them into the sea, continuously for 21 days.” In his heart full of worries, but still struggling to buy shrimp and fish and then release them into the sea. Seeing each small animal returned to the sea, his heart could not contain the emotion.

On the 43rd day, he read his third prescription: “Find a tree branch and write things that make you feel unhappy on the sand.” But as soon as he finished writing, the tide washed them all into the sea. He wrote again, the wave swept away, wrote again, swept away, then again, and again swept away … he burst into tears because he suddenly understood everything. When he returned home, he felt so light, his mind had never been so relaxed and free, and he was not even afraid of death.

It turns out that people just learn the 3 things will be happy and happy:

First: rest

Second: Give

Tuesday: Drop down

As a certain person must know RECREATION

Buddhism considers that there are two types of people in this society. One is too greedy, desiring and pursuing success, wanting to make money, desires so that we are constantly reaching out further. And the second type of person lives without purpose does not have the will to progress.

But we need to be aware that a few people are new enough; Some people know enough and feel happy, these are two different types of people. The person who is few and sees enough is the one who only needs a little to watch is enough; People who know enough to feel happy are those who have enough to feel enough, some to feel good enough, to have as much as possible, to have as little as possible, they do not allow themselves to feel miserable, not to hurt to harm others, that is knowing enough will feel happy -.

If a person dives head-on to make money, without any tricks to pursue success and fortune without knowing to stop, one day will feel extremely tired. Pursuing the horizons of fantasy makes us very miserable, very tense, because once we have won it we are afraid of losing it, after losing it we want to win it, just like gambling, expect all the money in the pocket of others is his money, losing to win, win and then want to win again, never know satisfaction.

A smart person is a person who knows what to do and should rest reasonably. There is such a balance between life and peace, freedom.

At the same time, people who live must know how to give

In this life, what we give in person is truly meant to give and not to exchange or buy in various forms. However, if we know how to give away material values to help or share difficulties for others, this is the way we can get joy and happiness because there is no calculation in us.

When we give without any conditions or wishes, it is then that we cultivate infinite compassion. When we give without calculation, that giving is noble, so we will receive peace, happiness.

One more thing, that is to learn to LET DOWN

If people can let go in the present life. Let go of the advantages, let go of the hatred picked up. At the same time, letting go of the pursuit of calculation for themselves, letting go of “greed – anger – si” in daily life will find for themselves joy and serenity in the soul. Because when we let go, our mind is clear in order to overcome the temptations of greed, hatred, ignorance, and evil visions to see joy around us.

If we let go, then our hearts will be wide open. Anyone who says anything not agreeable will also ignore it without accepting it. If anyone does something offensive, it is easy to forgive, but if you are angry and sad, only a few minutes or a few hours, at most overnight and forget everything for your life to be happy.

Greed is a poison, and desire is a double-edged sword; have a stable life and still want to pursue comfort; have a comfortable life and then want to enjoy luxurious materials … If the desire does not have a stop, people forever never feel enough, never feel satisfied, and never seek to be fun. Cherish what you have, you will find that you are the richest person in the world.

You should know ! When you’ve worked hard all your life when you reach retirement age, you have fulfilled your obligations to the country, your family and yourself. This is the time for you to let go of all the time to recite the Buddha’s name and practice doing merit to create your predestined blessing and return to the Buddha. If you are greedy and work to earn more money, you will have eaten all your money in this life, you will become the poorest person in the world and the important thing is that when you die, everything is lost and cannot be carried away. Anything that karma still has to pay.

So what is the reason for you not letting go ???

How do you torture yourself? Use wisdom to scrutinize before the sun goes out.

Amitabha Buddha


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