One day, Ananda Thero came to the Buddha and asked from the Buddha.

“You have said, ‘Dear Lord, in the past, the mysterious disciples of Lord Buddha, Sikhi, preached the Dhamma to be heard by thousands of creatures from the world of Brahma. A disciple of the Lord, if it had been possible, would have been a great Buddha. Can you talk to me? “

At that time, Lord Buddha was a disciple of Lord Ananda, the Supreme Buddha.

Secondly, Lord Ananda asked:

You have said, “Lord Blessed Lord, that a great disciple of the Lord Buddha, Sikhi, who lived in the past, preached the Dhamma to the thousands of creatures from the world of Brahma. The Lord Buddha could have known the universe if it had been so. Can I talk

For the second time, he said, “Ananda is a disciple of the Buddha.

Third, Ananda asked:

You have said, “Lord Blessed Lord, that the disciples of the Supreme Buddha, Sikki, who lived in the past, preached the Dhamma to thousands of creatures from the world of Brahma.” Can I talk

The Buddha then asked, “Ananda, have you heard about the Chulunika World Relic?”

Ananda Thero said, “Lord Blessed, this is the time for you to preach something. Buddhists will listen and listen to your sermon.” Said that.

Ananda, the sun, the moon, and the moon, which travels a certain distance in the morning, are as far as the millennium, the thousand millenniums, the cycle. There are a thousand Jambudweepa, a thousand caravans, a thousand north islands, a thousand pervasive, a thousand great ocean and a thousand kings.

There are a thousand quartets, there are a thousand tavathissasas, a thousand devasas, a thousand soothasalasas, a thousand Nirmamanaramati’s devasas, a thousand pirinmittika vasavarthi devasas, Ananda, the world relic of a thousand chakravani world relics and the world relics. It is supposed to be. ”

Ananda is said to be the bi-lingual central world order where one thousand such relics joined the world relics. the trilogy of great tribes, where a thousand relics of the two thousand millennium world relics were assembled. if the Buddha prefers a name, he can speak to the world of trishishriya maha sastra. You can talk even more if needed. ”

“Lord, how can a Buddha speak to one or the other of the trinity of the Supreme Being, or even beyond that?”

“Ananda, Lord Buddha spreads light throughout the world of the Tri-Cities. The creatures who see this might look at it and the Buddha speaks to all these creatures. Even the creatures beyond the universe speak for themselves ”.

When the Lord Buddha said this, Ananda said to the Blessed One, “My Master has such great insights, he has been inspired by this.

When they say this, Anandi said to Ananda, “Ananda, if your Master is a great intellect and a great inspiration, what is your use?” Yay said.

When the Blessed One said to them, “Uday, do not say so. Good morning, do not say it. If Ananda dies in a state of corruption, then the mind will be filled with the divine kingdom of the heavens seven times. Seven reigns over the whole earth. “But Ananda Thera has been practicing in this spirit.”

Friends, our Lord is definitely Samma Sambuddha. Even though we have lost sight of His miraculous nature, we are free from the four hellfire for so long.

Millennial world relics formula,
Anguttara Nikaya, Thika Nipada, Duthiya Pranasaka, Ananda Vagam

May Triple Gem Less You All..


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