Material giving includes internal and external wealth.

There are a lot of charity programs in the world today like rmhc, Christian charity, Christian children’s fund it’s a very good thing, the world needs those. here we are going to learn about How to do charity according to Buddha’s teachings

Beneficent exercises, otherwise called almsgiving, bring bliss,
the advantage to everybody, add to limit troubles throughout everyday life, limit torment and languishing. In the Buddha’s home, surrendering is made of three classes: Talent, Dharma, and Fearless.

From the Buddhist perspective, “the reason” of fortune in one’s life is giving. Almsgiving is the wellspring of your riches. Just when there are acceptable musings of liberality for individuals, you can increase extraordinary riches, be honored!

Sometimes we see some very rich people living around us. You do not need to admire them. This life’s money is so abundant because in the previous life they sowed so much alms seed to others. They have generously donated happily, thus gaining such.

What you need to do now is: Throw away your greed, anger,
and foolish thoughts and go after the money according to the rules of Buddhism. This life you sow good cause, next life you will be fruitful. This is also the moral that you should definitely remember.

Is giving material things, including internal and external alms giving. Foreign currency is assets of material things such as money, food, essential items, means of life …
Internal assets are assets in the body such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, blood, organs of the body, including body life.


Is to bring good words, reason, right truths, precious teachings of Buddha to show and advise others. Or practice true according to the Buddha’s teaching to set the model for the imitators,
abandon evil and good, the evil ones are all dharma.

Dhamma has great value more than talent.
Because talent can only help others to be less materially deprived for a while,
or at the most to save a person’s life.

Captain fearless

Fearless means no fear. Fearlessness is to make others not be afraid, to be afraid.

According to the late Venerable when we were little, we were afraid of scolding, afraid of beating, afraid of demons. When adolescents fear a lack of food, clothing, fear of lack of fame and career. When old people are afraid of pain, afraid of being sick, afraid of dying … They are only afraid and afraid.

Saving people in an emergency is fearless.

“That is not to mention the chaos of the time, the fear of collecting high taxes, heavy taxes, the fear of corrupt officials, fear of robbers, hoodlums, fear of imprisonment, fear of killing… How many things are afraid of piling up on top people, making them dare not look up, their backs bent, their knees about to collapse.

Life was miserable, even more, miserable because of fear. So to make people stop being afraid, it is to save them less than half the suffering in life. The compassion of the Buddha could not believe that sentient beings suffer in fear, so they invented a fearless test.

Practitioners of fearless pilgrims are ready to jump into the water to help the people who are about to drown, jump into the fire to save people who are about to be burned to death, burst into hordes of robbers to save honest people, come knock on public doors, to vindicate innocent people … ”.
when helping someone, don’t just stop at the material but also have to think of the spiritual goal: Love, solidarity, morality, enlightenment.

“When giving material gifts, we should enclose moral sentences to help people deeply believe in cause and effect, to love each other, to be extremely supportive, and help people. That is the perfect good. When people who are helped know how to do merit and reflect on morality, then according to cause and effect, we not only save them for 15 days but also save them forever and an afterlife, “the Venerable said.

In the Sutta, the Buddha taught good deeds, but he was not accepted.

That is, when we do charity, we must respect the people we help, we do not mean to disregard. Giving gifts, be extremely happy, respectful and humble.

“When I do charity, help people, according to cause and effect I will be rich, good retribution will come but don’t think about it, just help out of love and respect for people.

When the retribution comes to pray to Buddha that he will use this blessing to dedicate to everyone, bringing that blessing to life, to help the next.

And must always enlist anytime, anywhere to do merit, a small good deed is not allowed to be ignored, “said the Venerable

May Triple Gem Less You All..


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