Buddha Teachings

These were filed in Buddhist books and sermons. Some points can be found elsewhere. That is because the matter is important in many ways. That is why we need to be more concerned about those things.

 1. Gates of Advancement

 Lord Buddha preached these things for the benefit of his son at the invitation of a Brahminical father.

Wanting to be healthy

Treating adults

Be familiar with world customs

Learned a lot

The righteous life

Not being lazy

2. The Nathana Dharma

Here are the 10 doctrines that one should develop for his own benefit and good. Through this Dhamma, the individual becomes superior. righteous life



Real friendships

Being a talent

Healing (obedience)

Liking the Dhamma

That there is heroism

Rejoice in what you have received

That of mindfulness

Being wise

3. Containing a quadrilateral

The four elements that make a layman highly exalted. Getting these features is not easy. Righteous life

Hate / hate

Do not drink alcohol

No attachment to any object

Daily Maithri Meditation

4. For a successful marriage, the couple should have the following principles

Similar faith


Equal generosity

Similar wisdom

5. The ingested animal suffers eleven fires











Powerful heartbreak

6.Development features

It is the general acceptance of the world that old age. Adults are not only older but more so than one



Discreet and

Adults may also be ageing.

7. Atheism

The world has fair principles

Profits – losses

Yasa – Isa

Humiliation – praise

Happy – sad

8. There are two divine doctrines

These are also known as world governing doctrines.Righteous life



9. Eight Objects To Think About (Eight Matters)

It should be noted that the following are frequent influences on one’s life: (It is not sadness. These are worthy of frequent meditation.

The sadness of being born again

Grief – the agony of aging



Hell, suffering ‘because’.of sinful sins

The sadness of the passing of samsara vat – suffering all the time

Absent samsara vat sadness – all the sadness in the future

The sadness of having to eat food in this life, by doing the job of the present-day cookbook

10. Five Things to Meditate on

Here are five things that women, men, lay and saints should constantly meditate on.
It must be borne in mind that he cannot exceed any of these. It can help the mind to break free from evil and incline towards merit. There will also be, disorders.

I’m old I am beyond the point of decay.

I ‘m sick I am not beyond the nature of the illness.

I’ll die. I’m not beyond dying in nature.

I’m not beyond separation from loved ones.

I am beyond karma. I have inherited and associated karma, and there is no escape from karma.

11. Three Order

.It can



12. Pinkam and Paramita are three dharma practices.

To covet or wish for something in return

Dimensions – to honour, promote or reward oneself.

The misunderstanding that charitable acts such as ditti, giving and sila are sacred.

13. Meaning of the word “slander”

The one who attains the Ratna Ratha, the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha, is the one who is “Upasana”.

14. Satie, a teacher

The Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha are the only three who have attained the Supreme Being.

According to Buddhists who have taken refuge in the Tisarana have become preachers.

15. There are 5 doctrines of being a benevolent gold

That there is awe


Not seeing the good and bad of what they see and hear (

Treating karma, not celebrating the wedding

Outside of the Buddha Sasana, not giving those who are worthy of charitable giving, to the Sasana first.

The person who does not have these 5 Dharma is a sage chandala.

16. Facts that help us to see (sub-verse)

Sathupashana (Kalyana Friendship)

The Dhamma Listening


The Dhamma Dharma principle

17. Basic Dhamma Facts Known by a Buddhist to Get Clear Clauses

Knowing these basics of Abhidhamma will help you to meditate on the vision of holiness.

Nomenclature 2

The mass fraction 5

Twelve institutions

May Triple Gem less You All..


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