Buddha taught us to be sincere towards others, and how the enemy does not need to mind.
The greatest happiness of every person is that there is no sorrow in the mind; the scourge of a person who is so terrifying is not content with doubt. If because of skepticism, misunderstanding is better than not knowing what will be better.

1. The streams are not competing.

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Acting should not be based on transient urgency, but need to be done. Just like water flows slowly, it does not scramble before or after, little by little, accumulating your strength. Water continues for so long that the opportunity to inflate. Experience must rely on experience to achieve rich accumulations. Wisdom does not have to touch a successful one, but right after through sensory consideration, using the keen eye to observe, wait until the full energy is complete.

2. If a person has too much desire and desire.

Then this person’s intellect will be sealed. Maze will lose all willpower lost, greed too much desire to harm yourself.
When a person is immersed in enjoying the fame and glory, his or her ability to judge will be affected, even losing his intellect, and he will begin to sow the scourge of his own life… If a person does not take care and cultivation seriously, does not understand how to control desire, then it is easy to be in danger at any time.

3. The gentleman understands destiny not go guess fate.

Everything is in the universe, there is luck, there is. “Time” is an opportunity, a natural time that the air has not come, is inevitable to fall into broken; “Transport” is the harmony of heaven, earth, and peace; “The” is the deviation of the situation, the bigger the deviation, the greater the energy will rush like a waterfall.
These three things come together collectively called “par”.
“Confucius stated: “Genuine tri predetermination, irrelevant to the military passing; Any doomed, desolate way; Any confidence, outlandishly savage.” Means: Not knowing heaven, it is impossible to be a gentleman. If you don’t know the ceremony, you can’t be independent.

Do not know the credibility, do not understand people.
The “destiny” first of all knows the “destiny of the self”, is to understand that being a human being born in this world should be how to establish himself in such a way; Next is to know “heaven”, after experiencing ups and downs in the human realm, we understand the natural laws of heaven and earth, from which we can follow heavenly destiny.
A person who, after understanding human destiny and having no doubt in their heart, can calmly accept everything naturally, will not need to go to fate anymore.

4. People have calculated thousands of times is not equal to heaven calculated once.

Perhaps in everyone’s heart, everyone has small calculations for themselves to gain benefits. However, people have calculated thousands of times, counting back and forth for themselves is also “people calculated not by heaven”.
“Principle of math”, how is heaven calculated? It is based on the amount of “virtue” more or less of each person. “Germany” that more or less will enjoy many blessings, while “little”, “karma” is much more calculated to where it also fails, sometimes still bring disaster to the body.
“Kindness, goodness, goodness; evil people, human beings, natural realities. Human-friendly concept, natural all organic property; multiply middle and backward, happy all depends ”. The idea is: Good people, evil people, heaven is not evil; The wicked, the fearful, heaven is not afraid; The meek, the contempt, the sky is not contempt. People with good thoughts, heaven all have protection; who is loyal and happy to go to the back.

6. The human situation of the human state in the world

Buddha taught, Through people when they are in difficult situations and become hot and cold, their facial expressions also follow the opponent’s high and low status, changing their enthusiasm or coldness.
Flattery is a normal state in life, when people realize this will know how to disregard the change of the situation. When not being like the cold treatment nor need to scold people; when attentive is pursued, it does not need to be shaken, but always needs to keep calm and calm.
Honestly treat someone sincere to meet this person seriously. And whether the other person is sincere or not does not need to be too concerned.

7. Straight trees are felled first, sweet wells are exhausted first.

Buddha taught, Tall trees overcoming the wind forest will extinguish, birds flying beyond the herd to withstand hunting guns. People who are always more prominent than others will be hated by people. Psychology of ‘not wanting to see other people’s good points’, is a manifestation of envy, is also a fairly common phenomenon in society today. Therefore, good talent is good, but should not go everywhere to show off his talent. Deploying talent and contempt only show their superficiality and plague themselves.

7. Neutralization is happiness, extreme is accident

Peace of mind, neutral work, such a person is blessed. And those with extremely stubborn personality, life is often unfavorable, even the procession of disaster themselves.

8. Few things are bliss, suspicion is an invitation to disaster.

To be blessed or not is to have little or many things, to be happy or not, to be more or less suspicious. most of one’s life is nothing more terrifying than doubt.
Buddha often said: if because of being suspicious, misunderstanding is better than not knowing what will be better. The origin of the extraordinary market is the suspicion of the human being, the doubtfulness of the human being, which is detrimental to the interaction and coexistence of people. Only those who have to work hard all day to earn a living and have trivial problems entangled around their bodies to understand peace without lightness are the greatest happiness; only those who are mindful of tranquility and tranquility can only misunderstand that this is the greatest disaster.

9. Truthfulness and illusion, nobility, and profane are opposite things.

buddha said, Human life is like a dream, the dream is like human life, dreaming is also human. Whether it’s a “beautiful golden dream” or daydreaming is often laughed at by people, it is no coincidence. Why does heaven and earth divide day and night? It is for us to half live in reality, half fall into a delusion. Lotus lives in the middle of the mud, near the mud without stinking the smell of mud, still keep the bar high and mundane again. Simplicity culminates, is the end of elegance.

10. Buddha taught: “A lot of words are the first disease in human treatment, not equal to static, say not by silence”.

In most cases, the more we talk, the more distance we become, the more the conflict increases. In everyday life, sometimes because we want to express our opinions, we often rush to speak without understanding the other person’s opinion. Therefore, before speaking, you need to consider whether the words have any effect on others. Those who are blabbering sometimes are not people who can shine. On the contrary, some silent people do not speak hidden deep in the mind of unpredictable high thoughts.


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