In Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha’s teachings are remedies for the mind of the sentient beings. Beings have eight thousand and four thousand afflictions, Buddha has eight thousand and four thousand disciplines. Thus each of the Buddha’s Dharma cure every disease of beings. If sentient beings get sick, know their disease well, take the Buddha’s dharma, the disease will heal. And those who have the disease but do not know will give up, or know the disease but do not know the drug will not work. (mental health)

Thus, the Buddha’s Dharma is the cure for sentient beings. However, the Buddha Dharma has had two thousand and five hundred and a few decades, but the disease of beings also does not go away, because many beings are too sick.

As we all know when the Buddha was enlightened under the Bodhi tree, he came to the five brothers Kieu Tran Nhu to convert. The first sermon Buddha said was the Four Noble Truths. The four noble truths are divided into two parts, one shows suffering and one part teaches how to eliminate suffering.

gautam buddha

As for suffering, Buddha contains only this body of suffering, so there is suffering. So who is the suffering that came from? Buddha said that suffering has a cause. What is the cause? Called episode. So suffering is a truth, the cause of suffering is also a truth. So should say soles, sole soles.

Suffering did not come by accident. So when you know the cause than want to end suffering, you must destroy the cause of suffering. Destroy the cause of suffering will end suffering. But in order to eliminate the cause of suffering, we cannot speak in a vacuum, but there must be a method. Just as physicians know that the disease is working and the patient is suffering, they must trace down the germs that cause the disease. Knowing the exact germs must kill the germs, then kill the germs. But saying killing germs alone is not possible, there must be a specific remedy to kill germs.

Also, Buddha taught all the suffering of sentient beings to have a cause. If we look up the cause and then we must destroy it, want to destroy it must have a method. So the Buddha said suffering is the result, the sole is the cause. To destroy the base is to eliminate all suffering. To eliminate all suffering, there must be a method, that method is the Noble Truth. There is a new method that uses it to eliminate the cause of suffering. Therefore, killing the emperor is the result of liberation, and the cause of the liberating result is the Noble Truth, the method of eliminating suffering.

The Buddha taught sentient beings just like the work of a physician. So Buddhism is very practical, not talking about faraway things. Anyone who is sick just needs the right medicine to cure it. Healing is the end of suffering, so say Buddhism is the path to save suffering.

In the world, physicians treat their bodies. In Buddhism, Buddha treats mental illness. Between the two treatments, which is more important? Treatment of illness is more important. Because whether the physician or patient knows the patient has a heart attack or lung pain. Doctors have medicine, but people who are sad or sad can treat it? Unable to do, because the patient’s heart is not safe, unhappy, it is difficult to heal. Therefore, the mind is very important. If the physician had two remedies, one for the body, one for the mentality, how much would he know? Such treatment is perfect, and only a part is not.

In order to cure the mental illness, Buddha taught the dharma to eliminate the cause of the illness. The sickness of sentient beings comes to eight, four thousand, Buddha’s Dharma also has to eight, four thousand. But speaking of the root of the disease, there are six basic afflictions. Before saying the cure, we need to know the various diseases. How the disease is, want to introduce the drug, you must know the consequences or current status of the disease is raging.

Now re-testing all of us in this miserable or happy life? If you are happy, you will not get sick. If there is a new disease, find the cause and treat it in any way. In the Buddha’s home say people are surrounded by four, or eight things, no one escapes. Suffering, suffering, suffering, death, who is from? So indeed we are patients already. In addition, there is a special separation of suffering, resentment in the meeting of suffering, unsuccessful request, and the warm and miserable feelings. Meaning that love away from suffering, resentment that meets nostalgia, desire not to suffer, this self-destructive self is not suffering. Checking out the eight miserable things, we all have enough. Obviously identifying us as patients, then it comes to therapy.

If you want to cure a disease, you have to find the cause. What causes those suffering things? Buddha talks a lot, but here I only mention six things: greed, hatred, ignorance, mindfulness, suspicion, and ants. Because of this cause, there is a result. For example, greed is basically greed. Is there anyone who is not greedy and afraid of death? But then it also has to die, so suffering. Now if we stop being greedy, we are not afraid to die. Without fear of death, there is no suffering.

From taking part how much suffering. The Buddha divided into two things: one is greed for the five desires, two is the five senses. Join five sex is: talent, identity, reputation, real, Thuy. Money is money, beauty is beauty, fame is fame, food, and drink, and sleep; These five are for your greed. Out of these greedy things arise those miserable things. So what do we take to treat greedy germs?

Greed must take two drugs in harmony. The first drug is almsgiving, the second is impermanent. Buddha taught all our possessions robbed by five houses. What are five houses? 1. Flood water. 2. Theft. 3. I am filial. 4. Burning fire. 5. The king or authority seeks to rape.

As we witnessed the last flood in Central Vietnam, many years of saving just one flood washed away, nothing left. So our property is not guaranteed, so Buddha said it belongs to five houses. If not flooded, sometimes burned down also. If the fire is not robbed, the thief will not be robbed, and the filial son will destroy his career. Without their children, they will be forced to take over from outside forces.

Although we say our money is not guaranteed to keep it for long, so what is greed for? Thinking of impermanence we reduce greed. Less greed, less suffering. People often get sick, if they have money in their hands, they will be asked for two, they will receive two for four. Here Buddha taught to discharge, to alms. We should think of how much we have enough to eat, leftovers to people. So is less greed. If the abundance offers alms, knowing that the possessions can not be kept, without the heart to collect, the glue will cure the greed. Clearly there is medicine. Knowing the cause because of greed, but unsuccessful bridge should suffer. If you want lots of things, but you can’t keep going, you will be miserable. Now I give alms, ie no longer need to preserve, there is no greed. Without greed, there is no suffering.

For the greedy people, the Buddha taught the impurity to cure drugs. Because when we see greed, we see beautiful people, naturally we think that this person is beautiful, that person is precious, to such and so on, etc. On the contrary, if we contemplate our body being filthy, everyone’s body is also So, until I disgust myself, then the body of others abhors. Disgusting, then the ham. That is the way to treat greed. HT. Thich Thanh Tu


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