Letting go of defilements according to the Buddha’s teachings Letting go of all defilements in life so that peace of mind is the greatest happiness of every person …

Everyone knows that happiness is based on peace and freedom. This is the dream of the life that we all expect to achieve. Let go let god buddha

The cycle of time makes the rhythm of life become more hustle and rush. People are always anxious and busy with a piece of rice to survive, finding the peace of mind is not easy. Therefore, why are there so many rich people who achieve what they want but still do not feel happy? Because they always face stress, struggle to maintain what they are.

In life, when people feel too tired and stressed, many people go to spiritual sources such as going to the Buddhist temple to pray for good luck, pray for peace or read Dharma books with the desire to find peace. and relieve deadlock.

When the Buddha was still alive, he asked a monk a question: “How long is a person’s life?” Then the Monk said, Only as long as one breath. Buddha said: That’s right. He is a religious person.

The life of each of us only exists in one breath so why do we keep our minds forever in “daze” and “afflictions”?

If people know to let go in the present life. Let go of the advantages, let go of the hatred picked up. At the same time, letting go of the pursuit of calculation for themselves, letting go of “greed – anger – si” in daily life will find for themselves joy and serenity in the soul. Because when we let go, our mind is clear in order to overcome the temptations of greed, hatred, ignorance, and antipathy, to see the joy around us. Anyone who says something not agreeable will also ignore it. If anyone does something insulting easily forgive, but if you are angry and sad, just a few minutes and then forget everything for your life to be happy.

But please understand that letting go does not mean letting go, putting away everything to care for yourself. It does not mean denying or avoiding responsibility in life. As a Buddha, we let go but always keep the full responsibility of a human being. To strengthen bodhicitta, to repay the labor of the parents, to still fulfill all the duties and all the duties.

All are done with a generous heart like a Bodhisattva, behaving in the spirit of “Compassion – Compassion – Joy”. What better place to come to know and to return to our own inner life, to peace of mind?

Because when the soul is clear and happy, we are moving toward the goal and success of the life we ​​expect. We will work better, be more passionate, kind, forgive and open, learn more …

But most importantly, we are happy, receive a lot of love when we let go, maybe that is the rule and also the art of living, bringing peace to each person.

May Triple Gem Less You All..


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