Life is miserable, but suffering can only grow up
There is a saying that you may have heard many times: “Life is miserable, love is unjust”. From birth, people have been faced with misery. Even the signal of our birth is a cry. But that cry still followed us until our eyes closed down …

Making people is miserable

Sometimes the only questions are the toughest to answer. If you think about it, why does this life end up so full of suffering? Suffering because of illness, poverty, suffering from contradictory struggle, suffering from natural disasters, war, suffering from love, suffering for profit, suffering from physical pain, suffering from mental afflictions …

Life as a dream, a hundred years passed like a lightning night thunderstorms? Yet the constant suffering like layers of waves breaking. It’s hard to be a person, it’s not easy to live in real life.

People are born to suffer. If people live comfortably, leisurely, pray for anything, out of samsara, their whole life is like a walk, then will the Buddhas Shakyamuni, Lao Tzu or Jesus appear in this world to let “humanity” pass through the pool of misery?

The story goes that one day the followers of Shakyamuni Buddha sat together to discuss what the cause of all human suffering is. Some say it is because greed is not satisfied, some say it is due to resentment, hatred, another said that people suffer the most because of the cowardly, trembling, no peaceful moments. In the end, there was one who still insisted that people suffer because they were not eating well!

Buddha went over, heard the story, then stopped teaching for his disciples. He calmly explained: “What you say does not indicate the cause of suffering, it is only a manifestation of the surface. The children are all because of the habit that was cherished in their previous lives and felt miserable ”.

“There are people in past lives who were unruly pigeons that reincarnated should feel greedy, desire is misery. Someone was a hungry falcon reincarnated so hunger and thirst were really miserable. Some people are poisonous reincarnated snakes should see resentment, hatred is the most painful. Some people in previous lives were timid rabbits, so they thought that the greatest suffering was fear. ”

“All the most miserable things in this world come from the body. To bear the human body is to suffer. If you want to get rid of misery, there is only the cultivation path! ”.

The Buddha preached “The incompetent human body” (the human body is difficult). Once one’s eyes were closed, one would struggle in the six paths of reincarnation, depending on how they had done good or bad deeds before being reborn as ghosts, animals or plants … lifetimes like that, waiting for the body to be attained is enduring for thousands of years.
Buddha Shakyamuni taught the image of having difficulty obtaining a human body. For example, there is a blind turtle living countless lives in the sea every 100 years to rise to the surface of the water once. On the sea there is a floating log, drifting along the waves. On that log, there was a hole. That blind tortoise wants to burrow into the hole is an extremely difficult task, not sure for thousands of years. The Buddha said that obtaining a human body in this life is even more difficult than that.

So it is also said that having a human body has had to go through many tribulations and obstacles, having to overcome so many samsara and samsara, turning thousands of years. But having one’s own body then the beginning of other tribulations is. This human realm is inherently an unstable flow. The black-and-silver habit of swirling us away, staining our original, pure and pure soul, “at the beginning of our generosity”.

People exile because of fame, profit, and love, and they are exile in the “millstone” of Creator. The more you see your life miserable, the more people want to change it, the more they won’t accept it. But it took so much hard work that it was still a round figure. So people have to experience the extreme feeling of suffering. That vicious circle has engulfed countless lives.

Why can’t you be miserable?

Seen from another perspective, human suffering is not necessarily just a dark color. Suffering, sometimes, is the opportunity to cultivate a person, a personality, a momentum that leads people to excel.

The ancients often preached this sentence: “The river has a song, some people have the time”. The Buddha School also teaches the law of cause and effect. People are happy before suffering and vice versa. This life suffering, afflictions in the afterlife will be compensated, live a happy life, spend knives. This life is flooded with velvet, money, it is very likely that in the next life, he will have to be a beggar at the beginning of the street corner. Everything is, in a sense, fair.

Moreover, it is people who experience bitterness to understand the value of sweetness and immersion in suffering so as to love those rare serene moments. If not tired, how to comprehend the meaning of peace? If you can not welcome the breeze, rosebush, how to know the value of peaceful parking?

Everything that exists in this world has two sides, good and bad, but sometimes you cannot distinguish clearly. In life, there is nothing worth calling suffering, not sure what should be considered happiness. The ancients said: “General self-born”, the meaning that everything in life is encountered by yourself and your thoughts created. Just change your attitude, just take a step back, you will actually see more wonderful scenes.

If suffering is unavoidable, why can’t we be happy with suffering, motivating us to continue on the hard road of life? The suffering that reaches the bottom will be “an extreme object to counter” (to the extreme will reverse the current situation). That is, when suffering is so terrible, people will thus gain extraordinary things.

For example, the caterpillar is in a cocoon, which at first felt very comfortable because it was both safe and comfortable. Over time, the worm grows, gradually growing beards, growing wings. The cocoon also became extremely cramped, having become a prison of worms. But the worm still has to lie dormant in the cocoon, continue to improve its body, feeling really uncomfortable, similar to the mummy bandaged all over.

Until one day, when the caterpillar has enough feathers, enough wings, it rubs very hard to break the solid cocoon shell there. Little by little, day by day, the moth persisted in punching out, confirming it was also an extremely painful period. It struggled, wanting to break the cover that was sealing off its wings.

Success or failure is at this very thing. Without enough energy to escape, unable to stretch its wings, the worm will die. In return, if it is strong enough to struggle out of the cocoon, it will completely become a butterfly, can fly, escape cramped life and soar to several floors.

Eagles overcome misery but are hovering on soaring high-rises.

There is another story about 5 months of painful molting of an eagle you must have heard. Eagles are large birds of prey, symbolizing strength and power. But by the age of 40, the eagles had to face a tough test. Their beaks and claws were too long, too weak, unable to hold on to their prey. Their feathers are also heavier, making flying more difficult.

Now to begin the process of his painful molting, the eagle flew up a ledge, repeatedly pecking at the rocks until the beak fell off. He waited for a new beak to come out and then used it to spit out his claws. When the new claws were sharp enough, the eagle continued to pluck away the old hairs.

The process lasted for 5 months, confirming it was full of pain and suffering. But when new wing feathers grew, the eagle also revived itself. It will continue to fly for the next 30 years to dominate the air floor. What comes from suffering is extraordinary.
To the worms and birds, they can do that, let alone the people who are more fully capable can not take pleasure and grow up from the furnace, and step through hardships that I can train ourselves? The phoenix, before dying, set fire to both the nest and its whole body. The fire soaked up, soaking up everything to ashes. But it was from the ashes that a new phoenix was born, like the rebirth of a firebird.

Do you want to be a phoenix-like that?



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    Buddahs teachings….very spiritual…. reincarnation simply meant life in the hereafter and not on this mother earth…here is just a journey…passing through…a test… It is what it is…open your eyes and a window to your 💓…..

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