Temple Of The Tooth

temple of the tooth

Sri Dalada Maligawa, as Known as Temple of the Tooth is where the left tooth of the Buddha’s set. The present Dalada Maligawa situated in the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. “During the Kandyan Kingdom (1592 to 1815),  it was housed inside the imperial royal residence complex. The Sri Dalada Maligawa first worked by …

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Reincarnation -Ten Types Of People In Reincarnation

clouds and girl

Resurrection is the philosophical or strict idea that the non-physical quintessence of a living being begins another life in a temporary physical structure or body after organic demise. It is additionally called resurrection or transmigration. Rebirth is a focal principle of Indian religions, to be specific Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism, even though there are …

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Family Tree, Family Responsibilities Of the Buddhists

The people at home, notwithstanding their obligations and obligations to the family (family tree) and society, additionally have the obligation to maintain the Three Jewels. Hence, the obligation of Buddhists at home is significant and extraordinary in light of the fact, that they need to deal with themselves, their families, guardians, siblings, spouses and youngsters, …

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Buddhist Flag and Meaning

Buddhist Flag

Buddhist Flags: History and Meaning Buddhist Flags ripple around sanctuaries and landmarks all through the present reality. “Also, pennants and banners have consistently waved above significant Buddhist landmarks. Early messages depict travelers giving bright flags at stūpas and religious communities. “However, the six-striped banner we see today is an advanced improvement. The Buddhist flag was …

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Mindfulness Meditation

what is Mindfulness Meditation? are of the breath, whenever created and rehearsed consistently, (Mindfulness Meditation)will bring extraordinary outcomes and advantages, which can achieve the four regions of care; the four regions of thought, whenever created and rehearsed ceaselessly, will achieve the seven components of illumination; The seven elements of edification, whenever created and rehearsed constantly, …

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