The Buddha advised us on the trail of spiritual practice to purify our mind; This mind is mental. Our mind has two types: consciousness and mental states.

It is the mind that causes such a lot of trouble and suffering for people. Consciousness, or chon mind,(spiritual) forever unchanged; in sentient beings, the mind doesn’t lose, but as a Buddha, this mind doesn’t increase. While the psychological state has increased or decreased, but the school said that there are 51 mental states.

Practicing is vital in regulating our minds. And within the psychological state, we’d like to eliminate the six basic afflictions and 20 countings on defilements. The six basic afflictions also are referred to as tiths, histories. Because it binds and makes people create countless sins in samsara. In Zen educated: “Debauched, authentic, fruitful accomplishment of snuck chi …”. Decade, the history of creating a smuggled property, meaning the cause makes people suffer.

Therefore, isolating the six basic afflictions is nothing wrong with binding us; right here during this life, we are still liberated. All of Buddha’s disciples can follow this teaching of Buddha, in any situation they’re going to be happy and liberated. On the contrary, raising the six basic afflictions, in any situation, is additionally miserable, the larger the temple is, the more troublesome they’re .

To eliminate the elemental afflictions in our hearts, for me, first of all, is to simply accept our reality of life and contentment. In other words, living with the blessings we’ve , with the karma we’ve created; couldn’t be otherwise.

Living during this life, we don’t expect so we don’t suffer. No expectations so nobody can make us do anything. Having money or not, having a temple or not, doesn’t matter. Keeping one’s mind pure is that the main thing of the practitioner.

No greed, just living with what you’ve got . a number of my brothers who have good karma like to eat well, wear nice clothes, live luxuriously, have borrowed and trusted Buddhists. After a while , he could not cultivate; because the mind has become so mundane, the body has also become worldly and wrong deeds.

From the time I used to be young, the Venerable President of the Central Administration Council taught me to measure with what I had, to require care of my morality and high knowledge that bliss would come by itself. the primary bliss of a cultivator is to beat his own greed. don’t want to eat, hungry, eat anything. If you would like to eat without it, it’s this greed that torments you. Greed for several things results in bad retribution. Must overcome greed, new merits arise.

This I experienced, know well, please share with you. Blessings to where they live. Or to measure below what we’ve , the more peaceful. we will do nothing but enjoy material life much, in fact, we’ve to owe the debt. Where does the debt end when this debt leads us?

Every day we check for a way much merit, what percentage people enjoy it, what percentage people are often saved, what percentage people will help to form a heart, etc. The older we get, the more people flee, the more sick we are born, the more we ask, the more we will reduce our supply. We are blessed.

The reality of life makes it clear that some novices are fully blessed, but over time, the loss of blessings gradually. There are new cultivators in trouble, later to accumulate merit. Doing more, requiring less, there should be a surplus. If you do not know, keep using the Three Jewels, debt to the owner, unable to pay. I take a little example that I feel scared. I rang the bell for a Buddhist to bow to Buddha. They put a couple of silver coins within the bell, but they begged all types of things, they were scared to listen to it. Therefore, Buddha taught that the cash of the masters is extremely heavy. Using the pure mind to seem at the coins of the dew blessing box, we discover it extremely heavy, very difficult to pay.

We wear robes because we’ve blessed our previous life. Blessing all that karma comes, it cannot escape suffering. The Patriarchs also often taught that this life isn’t enlightened, subsequent life has got to repay, there’s a debt so heavy that it must be paid by “feather, wearing horn”. People invite tons , if we practice making great merit for them to believe , then write off debts. this concept is expressed within the Lotus Sutra that “Fake too many criminals painted music, unaware of the Dharma.”

I instilled this concept , only great merit and enlightenment, repayment of the Three Jewels. Therefore, efforts must be made to flee the three realms; meaning our mind goes beyond the three realms: sex, gender and formlessness. Must keep the mind pure by overcoming three career body and mind, that karma is that the most vital.

For karma: craving, aversion, and ignorance, we must reverse it to be greedy, not angry, not sad, not afraid; because all is None. From the guts of sin, overcoming, converting into a sinless mind in order that the mind are often at peace; that’s the primary step. And out of no greedy mind, angry mind, we generate bodhicitta, not brooding about ourselves anymore, but taking care of others to assist. You generate bodhicitta consistent with the Bodhisattva, keeping the mind that has no greed, but what you’ve got , should serve life. Giving money, knowing and using our strength to all or any people is that the merit that begins to change state.

And attain the mind without anger, accept others to blame yourself. By following in the footsteps of the Buddha, we think that people who are suffering, sad, difficult, who blame us are relieved. While I was not angry, it was easy to endure for them. Thinking and doing so, merit is born. It was also my own experience, thanks to the person who vented, to cultivate patience and endurance, creating good retribution; so he found me really kind and loving. Those who vented their anger then also apologized, because no one recognized them right.

Demonstrate the spirit of the Buddha teaching, living with what you have, or living contentedly and always keeping your mind pure, making efforts to eradicate defilements and greed. The merit of which grows, makes many people feel inspired to go along the path of Buddhism with us. If the Buddhists achieve this, they will see Buddhism as valuable material, necessary to help the human world reduce the flame of hatred and murder, so that together we can build peace and peace. on this earth


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