Peoples, The Twelve Causes and conditions are a practice of Pratyekabuddha, this practice mainly observes all things, up to Samsara,
which initiated by karmic conditions, the terms of the meeting called birth and karmic conditions decay called cessation. This capital does not have anything to kill, what to kill at all.

Before the Buddha was born, there were also many enlightened austerities which had their predestined doctrine, out of Samsara, who were aware.

The Pratyeka often contemplates all things, whether physical or mental, whether living or dead,
due to conditions that become like they are, not real. You often observe things, only the nature of the treatment, not life. For example, the paper, it has the characteristics of being thin, is square, is white, those characteristics are all treated,
because lean for thick that yes, square for what is not square,
yes for white what is not white, but the paper is a form, there is also for nothing that succeeds. The article has only the characteristics of the treatment, in addition to those characteristics, then not only how the sheet paper is.

The paper is a unified general because many poles combine and become, in addition to the poles, there is no paper anymore.

Again the paper has its causes; in the article, one can identify the effects of those causes, how combined, apart from those effects,
it is also impossible to find what is the paper is okay.

Observing like that, then realizing that the generals of things are false, unreal, according to predestined discovery,
according to predestined change, nothing is real at all.

The Single Enlightenment contemplated like that, the enlightenment of the law are not-self, the scene is not-self,
the body is not-self until the life and death are non-self. At the same time, the Pratyekabuddha realms such selfless phenomena, according to the conditions that change,
which often uses the force of contemplation of what is not, which does not exist,
to make the truth more clear of all things. , witness to the nature of non-self and out of reincarnation.

For the Buddhist disciples, who have the opportunity to contemplate karmic conditions,
the Buddha teaches the 12 states for the arising of Samsara so that they can practice and witness the Pratyekabuddha.

The twelve conditions of reincarnation are a continuous chain, passing from one stitch to the next,
in one life as well as in many lifetimes. The twelve conditions are ignorance, conduct, and health, awakening to materiality,
attachment, attachment, attachment to sensation, sensation, feelings, feelings, feelings, feelings for love,
predestined to get out, charming to be born, born to aging.

It is necessary to identify the causes and conditions of objectives and circumstances,
understand the effects of one term on the arising of other reasons and conditions,
use the principle of predestined contemplation, eliminate the main stages in the chain of 12 states,
to arrive at witness the direct result of Pratyekabuddha.

01. Ignorance: Ignorance is not lucid, is misleading, does not receive the true predestined nature. Because of ignorance, should not know all things, body oil, oil, oil, kerosene, kerosene, oil, base oil, oil, no oil, are due to predestined meeting that born false,

due to predestined disintegration that fades away, are according to predestined that change is illusory, like chemical, not real. Precisely because he does not know that,
he mistakenly assumes that there is a self, an actual body, a real situation, and then due to the treatment between body and mind and the realm,
arises the thoughts of arising and falling away ceaselessly changing.

02. Onions: Onions, which is the mind that arises and ceaselessly changes,
it causes sentient beings to mistakenly have their thoughts, their selves, advocating creating karma, and later on to receive retribution.

03. Consciousness: The cessation of arising and passing-away mindfulness continues, according to karmic retribution,
the knowledge of each life, taking the body, and the scenery of one species or another.

04. Identity and Identity: The consciousness of karmic retribution produces colors. Lust, which includes things that appear, such as body and the scene; Name, including raving without form, as the knowing, in other words, is the mind of any industry,
then the brain and the realm of that industry.

05. Luc enters body and mind to the realm, the coast kicked in the reception of 6 senses, eye-base to receive the ceiling, the atrium to secure the roof, the billion to receive incense, and to receive the taste. The ceiling, body, head, and head exposed ceiling, and head to head, facing the ceiling.

06. Contact: Because of such intake, the ceiling affects the mind or know born about each other, so-called connection.

07. Longevity: to the relationship between mind and mind like that, there should be born of feelings of dukkha,
pleasant emotion, pleasant attitude, favorable feeling, and pleasant feeling.

08. Ai: Because of that feeling, being born, about pleasantness, with joy, concerning longevity, with longevity,
with hatred and having the desire, the mind is more attached to the body, to the scene, than ever.

09. Prime: Because the mind attached to the body, to the scene,
it is impossible to see the truth as illusory, like chemical,
but also combine the discrete images received in the present, into the general, Since then accept all things are real,
such attachments called prime.

10. Huu: Because of attachment, so things like illusory turn into reality, there is a body, a scene, A person, a career, karma, retribution, life and death, the like that, i.e., organic.

11. Born: There is a living, that is to be taken, in other words, because the doctrine of dependent origination is not clear, without self-nature, there is indeed a living mistake.

12. is old and dead. To the living, should get old, then die.

The twelve conditions are a continuous chain, passing from one stitch to the next in many generations. Because there is ignorance through the practice in past lives, the state of consciousness arises in this life. “The cognizance of that mind, predictable with Kamma-condition, karmic revenge produces rupa, Kamma rupa, conceived of mainland presence, mainland rupa, resurrection, contact, and kāyākacitta.”Consciousness, nama, rupa, contact, and feeling are all karmic retribution of karmic actions that have been caused before.

When the sentient being’s mind suffers that karmic retribution,
it is because of the hospitality between the body and the scenery that it produces that it hates. Then, due to having aversion, that attached to the collection and the realm,
the attachment is real, the ignorance of body and mind and the kingdom of enlightenment are illusory, that is prime. Due to the enclosure, all false things become true, the collection also, the scene has, sense of discrimination,
we also have, people also have, and from there, born have caused karma and have suffered.

buddha flowers

There have been karma, and there has been retribution, then when this whole body,
karma will lead to another body in the future, that is birth, which has been born, then there is old death.

If we consider conditions, from the present life to the future, then not only the previously ignorant ignorance, but consciousness,
nama, rupa, contact, contact, and feeling also belong to ignorance. Likewise, not only the past karmas are onions, but also the present karmas, such as cravings, friends are also onions. Thus, the ignorance of the past plus the present innocence together charmed to raise the consciousness of the next life. About the karma of the next life, in a word of birth,

including all sorts of names, colors, six doors, contact, receptor, craving and attachment, possession, part of being, part of aging. Then, because in this future life, there’s karma, a newspaper, so there is birth and old death again.

Because the twelve conditions change forever, from one stage to another, past, present, future, so beings immersed forever in Samsara.

But after all, not only in many lifetimes but in a lifetime,
not only in one life but in each recitation, each recitation, twelve conditions are still interdependent, constantly unbroken. In one breath, sentient beings due to ignorance do not receive the doctrine of dependent origination,
such as deceptive, so the new mind is dynamic, that is action. Because of the energetic spirit, there is a subconscious mind that arises continuously according to karmic retribution and conditions for rupa and rupa, name rupa for the six continents, six conditions for affinity, contact for relationship for longevity,

life for love, love for attachment, and There have been clinging; there are body and mind, there is a realm, causing karma to train in the subconscious until there is life, there is change, old, death. But birth, cylinder, singularity, such death, considering the ultimate, each concept, each concept, beings have, so each idea, each idea is also full of predestined.

Of the twelve conditions, the underlying cause of reincarnation, which is ignorance, and the cause of all change in Samsara is action. Only when eradication is ignorance, then enlightenment, only when eradicating the onion, will all cease, so, the monks of the charming predestined double, need to follow the doctrine of dependent origination,

which contemplates all things as predestined as illusory, without nature, to eradicate ignorance. When emitting wisdom, except stupidity, then kill, kill, then kill, wake kill, then the list of colors, hexadecimal, contact, feeling, love, capital, friendship, birth, old man all kill.

Should identify the 12 predestined conditions born each other and each other, only one fate for the different stage, not all the requirements for that stage, such as ignorance that is born in action, then ignorance is one predestined conditions, in many states, arise onions, not just ignorance born onions. Say ignorance is born, it means, if a lack of ignorance as conditions,

the action will not occur. For the other stages, the same meaning. But, if in all the terms create a scene, eradicate a charm, then that stage decided not to be born. Therefore, on the contrary, when flow, when eradication of ignorance, then all 12 conditions are eradicated, and the practitioner is liberated from Samsara.

During the practice of contemplating the Twelve Causes and Conditions to get out of reincarnation, the monk usually follows the doctrine of dependent origination and begins to eradicate essential stages, the condition of arising of samsaric existence is love,

attachment, and friendship. These people, depending on the doctrine of dependent origination, know that the Body of the Body is false, unreal, and the sensations born in the relationship between the body and the scene, which are nothing, should eliminate the hatred.

When hatred was gone, all colors are like shadows in a mirror, for all sounds, as if the wind is blowing, nothing is sure, and piggybacking is not worth anything. Italy. Because the mind towards the scene does not arise hate and often discharge like that,

so the attachment also diminished, going to be destroyed. The brain has no accessories, then it is clear that everything is illusory, it is not valid, it is at birth, there is nothing worth calling to be born, it is when passing away, there is nothing worth calling to kill, so it arises the position of non-self,

eliminating maintenance distinguishing the ego and attaining the primordial awareness of Pratyekabuddha Since then, the mind of the first self-using self-washing cleansing the times of deluded habits, eradicating warm onions, eliminating the basis of ignorance and karmic birth and rebirth.

In short, the practice of Pratyekabuddha, as well as of Pratyekabuddhas, is based on the method of contemplating everything, everything that is conditioned by predestination that arises, recognizing everything and everything due to predestined, so it’s not born, due to predestined kill, so not there,

but witnessing the result of infertility. Monks follow Pratyekabuddha, and contemplate things that are dependent on conditions and often follow requirements that change. They often use their minds, converting these things into other things to deeply perceive the good charm of dependent origination. Due to such a monastic path, the Pratyekabuddha and Pratyekabuddha often have many magical powers and also use supernormal ability to convert sentient beings. Because of those,

a witness of the doctrine of dependent origination, such as the deceptive, so scope of beings’ sentiments is also more extensive than that of Thanh Van, and enlightenment is closer to Bodhisattva. Therefore, in the sutta, there is a place call Pratyekabuddha, which means that the vehicle amid Hinayana and Mahayana, making great vows, often quickly witness the fruits of the Mahayana.


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