Some people say that reciting Amitabha Buddha‘s name is the fastest way to get rid of the suffering of samsara. “It was late around evening time, dear companions, center around recounting Buddha’s mind!

This practice has become the most popular school in modern Buddhism. Many Buddhists often recite the Buddha’s name so that they can be reborn in the Amitabha Western world of Buddha Amitabha after death.

What is the Feast of Consent, the origin and meaning of the Feast of Consent?
The benefits of reciting the Buddha’s teachings are immeasurable and can be divided into two parts: the Benefits on the Reciting Buddha’s name will eliminate defilements.

People who experience misery, such as death, separation, abnormal accidents, etc., birth to afflictions, if they know the mind of reciting Buddha’s name, then their afflictions and pain will gradually disappear. Why are there such good results? Because our mind is like a stream of water always flowing. If we mix in dirty substances, the water becomes turbid or mix in fragrant substances, the water will become fragrant.

If our mind only remembers the suffering, then there will always be disturbing disturbances. When we recite Buddha’s name, we will naturally remember Buddha and forget suffering. Bringing this memory to replace the Buddha suffering; an hour of reciting Buddha’s name will change an hour of sorrow, a day of reciting Buddha’s name will change a day of suffering.

Just like that, if the recitation of Buddha increased, then the sorrow of suffering will decrease that much. So ancient people have the saying “A sentence of Buddha reciting unjustly shield”.

During the last war, we brought this method of reciting the Buddha’s name only to some people who were almost sorrowful and insane, because their careers were ruined, their descendants lost, they collected very good results.

Reciting Buddha’s name will eradicate sentient beings

Sentient beings everyday remember to think about sinful things like greed, hatred, delusion, etc. Such are the bad karma of sentient beings. Now if we recite Buddha’s name, then we don’t have time to remember to think of sin anymore and to practice the bad karma above. So reciting the Buddha’s name will eliminate sentient beings.

The more you recite the Buddha’s name, the less beings you recite. If reciting Buddha’s name completely, reciting sentient beings will be clean.

amitabha buddha

Reciting Buddha’s name will make the body calm and secure

Our illness, partly due to the physical, but also partly due to the influence of the spirit. Many people lose their appetite because of resentment, disgrace, etc. In such cases, if we recite the Buddha’s name, the resentments that weigh down on our hearts will be poured out with the breath, the same mindfulness, and our hearts will be gently relaxed. Those who are weak of heart, if reciting Buddha’s name, will recover quickly. Because heart disease often makes people nervous, afraid; Now thanks to reciting the Buddha’s name, the concentration and concentration of anxiety will decrease. Therefore, eat, sleep well and recover quickly.

Reciting Buddha’s mind will be lucid, learn quickly

The disturbed minds are dark, like a wind-powered lamp, unable to light. By reciting Buddha’s mind, the mind will be calm, like a chimney lamp, not moving. Hence the mind will shine, like a lamp radiating light.

Reciting Buddha’s name when death will be born in the Pure Land

As we have seen above, reciting Buddha’s name brings us many practical benefits in our present life, both physically and mentally, both mentally and intelligently. But the greatest benefit is in the next life. If we practice this practice of reciting the Buddha’s name, according to the Buddha’s teaching, until we are “single-mindedly rebellious”, then after we die, we will be reborn in the Pure Land, we will always see the Buddha listening to the Dharma, befriend the holy sage, and have enough good conditions to continue to practice until the Buddhahood.

The benefits of

When a practitioner recites Buddha’s name, he is “one-pointedly unconcerned”, the delusion is over, the pure mind appears. The true mind without birth and destroy the damage is “Often”, the calm and tranquil mind is the “President”, the mind is extremely lucid, the “Ordinary President–degree” is only in the base of our mind, but nowhere else.

Again, the true mind that does not perish is “Buddha Immeasurable”; the end of the mind is continually illuminating the “Buddha-Light-energy” and that is also the “pure magic body of Buddha Amitabha”.

In short, when people recite Buddha’s name until the time of expiration is realized, then they can enter into the true mind, then Amitabha Buddha or the Pure Land scene will only appear in their own mind, not far away.

So should copy: “Nature pure idealistic mind” is like that.

Dharma reciting the Buddha is of immense benefit. If the unbelievers have Amitabha Buddha, the Pure Land scene, and even mind the Buddha’s mind, they will also get many benefits as above.

Excerpts from the Pure Land Path.


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