1) There is not any god

Unlike Hinduism or other jap religions, Buddhism does now not have a relevant god. That doesn’t mean that they’re against a god, it simply means they’ve no purpose to have a god.

2) Buddha isn’t worshiped

Though each Buddhist Is aware and is thankful for the message that Buddha brought, they apprehend that he is a man much like them. Though some in Hinduism keep in mind him an incarnation of Vishnu (Krishna), maximum Buddhists don’t share that view.

3) Anyone may be a Buddha

One of the most super things approximately Buddhism is that it’s so accessible.”Buddha” is irrefutably a notoriety given to Siddhartha Gautama for his prevalence over himself.This approach he viably cultivated illumination some portion absolutely we as a whole can do.

4) Everyone takes ownership

Buddha, or another enlightened being, isn’t always a savior like in Christianity. Just due to the fact you consider inside the teachings doesn’t mean you’ll be covered from anything; you need to observe the philosophy to find actual happiness.

5) Buddhism exists with out Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama shared his findings with the sector as popular truths, no longer distinct philosophies stored for those who are “followers”. He’s now not the writer or a prophet; only a fact seeker.


6) Our foundation is irrelevant

While maximum religions busy themselves with memories of advent and the universe, Buddhism doesn’t care at all. Why? Because the maximum essential issue is the ever-gift now, and running on ourselves inside the moment. That method letting pass of the past and the future.

7) The “terrible guy” is suffering

Many religions have an closing horrific guy- that is, a person like satan- that terrorizes or encourages evil acts. In Buddhism, the evil of some thing measured by way of how much it produces struggling. The biggest cause of suffering is the ego, the concept that we’re separate from the entirety else. When lack of awareness ends, actual happiness begins.

8) Reality is based totally on perception

There’s now not so much a notion of heaven and hell (even though a few sects do trust that) as lots as there is an knowledge that with the aid of shifting our recognition to a better stage of consciousness, we are changing our reality. That attitude is everything to the practitioner.

9) It’s open to change

Every Buddhist devoted to one issue only: the pursuit of fact. If it have been observed that a person the Buddhist teachings had been incorrect, the lessons and philosophies would have to change. It’s now not a rigid gadget with the aid of any means.

10) Buddhism Beliefs are not controlled

While it’s real the bulk of Buddhist practitioners agree with in reincarnation, many do not. They allowed to trust in some thing they wish while they exercise the lessons. No one forced to do anything!



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