The Buddha’s teachings on forgiveness help the soul to be more open, serene, softer, free from past troubles. The Buddha’s profound teachings on life help you to find the truth of life The Buddha’s teachings on marriage, morality, and family happiness are worth pondering Forgiveness, tolerance for the mistakes of someone who causes you to the couple when really hard. However, forgiveness is the emotional connection between people, making life peaceful, full of love and kindness. Forgiveness is also a way for our souls to be at peace. Learn to forgive to make life more beautiful.

The Buddha taught that: “The most valuable asset in life is tolerance.” The profound teachings of forgiveness allow us to reflect on ourselves and have a more positive view of life.

1. The meaning of forgiveness When we are hurt, betrayed, harmed or even life-threatening, forgiveness has never been easy and can be said to be impossible. do it. Only when we understand and find ways to forgive others if we do not want to keep forever in our hearts regrets and fears. Forgiveness is ignoring the mistakes of others. To forgive is not to erase the wounds that others inflicted on us but rather to heal ourselves. Buddha said: “Holding hatred in the heart is like drinking poison and hoping others will die.” Forgiving others is to untie yourself. Hatred only brings more suffering. We forgive others is also helping us to have a good life, always looking forward, looking at the future of happiness and lasting peace.

2. The Buddha’s teaching about forgiveness Buddha taught: “Only forgiveness will make our soul peaceful”. So forgiveness is a very important step for us to have peace of mind as well as in life. Listen and ponder the Buddha’s teachings on forgiveness. – Buddhism says there is suffering to be at peace. Only when we experience suffering do we appreciate the good days. It is the circumstances leading to suffering that we have the opportunity to develop wisdom and compassion. – Buddha taught that obstinate not forgiving will make us suffer.

In human life everyone will have mistakes at times, there will be times when accidentally hurting others. We should not blame, hate, or isolate them, but empathize and forgive others for mistakes so that we can forgive ourselves when we are also wrong. Buddha teaches “Forgiveness can make our soul peaceful” – If a person cannot forgive others in his heart, then his heart will never be at ease. If you cannot let go of the mistakes that others have caused you, you cannot let go of hatred and suffering from yourself.

Hatred leads to suffering and the more suffering, the more we torment the past, the more we burn the hatred. Forgiving others as well as forgiving oneself is an important step in achieving peace and enlightenment. – Forgiveness is the only way to let go of unhappiness, which is the greatest blessing in life. In life, from birth, there will be lots of unsatisfying things, people will not meet the eyes. If you do not learn how to forgive, you will be very miserable and live very tired.

The buddha's Teachings kindness

Each person’s knowledge, perception, and cultivation are different, so the way to assess and view an event is not the same. So between people for the collision, rubbing, the pros are also normal. Forgiveness does not mean being weak or weak, but rather putting yourself at a certain height. We often blame others when things happen but rarely blame ourselves because everyone finds reasons for us. Do you ever blame others severely, hate, hate, or even stop criticizing. Forgiveness is a way to get rid of a deadlock, the more you hate, the more you suffer.

3. Cultivate and practice forgiveness according to the Buddha’s teaching According to Buddhism, forgiveness is considered an exercise to prevent harmful ideas for yourself. Buddhism has shown that negative thoughts such as hatred, jealousy, and anger have a long and lasting influence on karma. Therefore, everyone must cultivate and cultivate good and compassionate experiences.

We must first understand the concept of cause and effect which is the heart of the Buddha’s teaching. Forgiving is not easy, but if we know how to place our position on the person to try to understand, only then can we sympathize and forgive them. Forgiving others is also forgiving ourselves When someone hurts us, hurts us, but in the end, we don’t blame them and ignore all the unfortunate things.

We are aware of and experience the pain of being hurt but are still willing to let go, seeking ways to understand the actions others have previously done to us. That is compassion. The more they seem careless and unrecognizable, the more pitiful it is. Because they do not know when they will wake up to give themselves a life of peace and happiness for a long time. Forgiveness is a wellspring of watering the flame of hatred and burning it up. It is not possible to open your heart to a tolerance of others, affirming that you cannot succeed in life, either.

4. The story of the Buddha’s teaching about forgiveness A student asked: “Teacher, I suffer because of cruel parents, abandoned love, betrayed brothers, destructive friends … I have to do it. How to get rid of resentment and hatred? ” The master replied, “I sit down to meditate and forgive them all.” Sometime later, the disciple returned: “I have learned to forgive them. It’s so light.” Master answered, “Not yet, I returned to my retreat to open my heart and love them.

” The disciple scratched his head: “Forgiving them is too hard. Loving them is … Okay, I’ll do it.” A week later, the disciple returned with a happy face, showing off to his master that he had done compassion for those who had mistreated him before. Master nodded, “Good. Now return to your retreat, and be grateful to them.

Without them playing these roles, I would not have a chance to evolve spiritually.” The disciple came back,
this time believing that he had finished his homework: “I have learned and thanked all those who gave me the opportunity to learn forgiveness.
” The teacher laughed: “Then come back to your mind and calm down. They have played their part but there is no mistake to forgive and not to forgive.” Forgiveness is a compassionate heart, kindness. In order to be able to forgive others more easily, we should cultivate ourselves with an honest, generous heart. Always believe that forgiveness is the medicine that can cure all wounds of hatred, suffering in the heart, and lead a peaceful and peaceful life.

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  1. The hardest person to forgive is ourselves because of the way we see ourselves.

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