Buddha announces news about entering Nirvana

When enlightenment is full, Buddha is 80 years old. Here, his four great body also follows the law of impermanence that changes, weak old. That year he went to lower Sa Sa forest in the land of about 120 miles from city. One day, he called Ananda, the disciple always at his side, and said,

  • “Ananda! I am now fully fulfilled. As in the old vow, I now have all four disciples: Bhikshu, Bhikshuni, Ushhaka, Ushana. Many disciples can take my place. legal vehicles, and my religion have spread everywhere, now I can leave you and go away My body, according to the law of impermanence, is now like a worn-out chariot. France, now that the car has worn out and has spread everywhere, so what do we still regret doing this emaciated body? Ananda! In three months I will enter Nirvana. “

Believing Buddha to enter Nirvana, spread like a thunderbolt. His disciples went on a mission in distant places, returning to live with the Enlightened One for the last time.

During his last three months, the Buddha did not rest, but continued to evangelize. One day, he went to lecture in a forest, he met a person who worked as a coal burner, Mr. Thuan Da. He silently accepted the invitation with his followers. Coming to Mr. Thuan Da’s house, he offered a bowl of Fried Dan mushroom porridge, often called wild boar mushroom, because this mushroom is very popular with wild boar.

When the boy was finished, the Buddha and his disciples left Mr. Thuan Da and left. A short distance away, he delivered the bowls to Ananda and spread the hammock up, in the forest of tree (Chinese translation is a longevity tree, the tree has two large branches divided as two accidents), so that he can rest. He lay down in the hammock and headed back to the North. He leaned toward his right hand, his face turned toward the setting sun, his legs crossed.

Upon hearing that he was about to enter Nirvana, the people around the region came to visit a lot of people, among them an old man in his 80s, named who asked to be ordained as a novice monk with him. . It was the last disciple in His life.

  1. The Buddha speaks the Sutta and the blessings

At that time, his disciples were all present, except Mr. Ca Lettuce because he had gone to a sermon far away, yet to return. He gathered all his disciples and followers around him and gave one last instruction. His blessing is as follows:

a) Y, His bowl will be passed to Mr. Ma Ha Ca Lettuce.

b) Students must take the precepts as their teacher.

c) At the top of the Sutta, four words should be mentioned:

d) His relics will be divided into three parts:

  • Partly for the Heavenly Palace,
  • Partly for Dragon Palace,
  • One share for 8 Kings in India

Here are the golden words that He left in the last hour.

  • “Hey! You must light the torch yourself! You take my Dharma as a torch! Follow my Dharma and free yourself! Don’t seek liberation for anyone who is thirsty, don’t seek relief.” Escape somewhere else besides you! .. “.
  • “Hey! Don’t forget my words because of lust. Everything in life is nothing precious. Only my truth is immovable and immovable. Go forward to liberation, my brothers.” Very dear person of mine! “.

After thorough instructions finished, he entered and then entered Nirvana. At that time on the full moon day of the second lunar month (according to Chinese history).

And the trees of the Tàrāna flower fall down to cover His body, the sky is overcast, the trees wither and the birds die silent. Everything seemed to sink in the heavy moments of separation.

The disciples buried His body in the metal and 7 days later, racing his needle into the Exam City to stay at pagoda and cremation ceremony (cremation ceremony).

The eight great monarchs in India drew valiant soldiers to try to compete for the relics. But followed the will of the Buddha, negotiating, and thus the division of relics was all right.


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