It is the mind that creates the past, present, and future of man.
Mano Pubbang Gama Dhamma – Mano Setta Manomaya
Manasa Che Paduttena – Bhasathiva Karotiva
Tatho nang dukkha man vethi – chakkancha vahatho padan

Meaning: –

The mind is the root of everything. The mind becomes great. Arises from the mind. When he says or does something that disturbs the mind, he chases after it like a chariot wheel

Even according to the teachings of the Buddha, it is well understood that the mind and thoughts are the roots of everything. But unfortunately, less than ninety percent have realized this.
Developed countries such as the United States are conducting various investigations on this topic.
One of the consequences of this is being able to scientifically prove the cure for mental illness.

Patients with the same condition were divided into two groups, A and B, one group was given FDA-approved pills and the other group was given fake pills made with sugar. Surprisingly both teams fully recovered.
This is the origin of the Placebo Effect, the phenomenon of the mind becoming a reality.
Both Group A and Group B were determined to recover from the drugs they received.
That thought that was conceived in my mind became a reality.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported on such a scientific experiment.
Two parties with the same knee injury underwent surgery. One party underwent genuine surgery and the other underwent fake surgery with family approval. Surprisingly, the surgery was successful on both sides.

During World War II, Henry Beecher, a physician, mixed salt and water with a wounded soldier and convinced him that it was a painkiller and performed the operation without any painkillers. He says it can cure illnesses ranging from the flu to bullet wounds.

Scientific studies have found that 1/3 of drugs and surgery are successful because of the placebo effect, a phenomenon in which the mind becomes a reality.
But there is another side to this,
It is the opposite effect of the no cebo effect to the placebo effect.
It means that there is no cure if we believe that any treatment will not cure us.

Things that are ingrained in our inner mind can affect our lives. For example, think for a day or two about a vehicle you want to get your favorite If you look at the pictures and immerse yourself in the mind on the road, you will also find vehicles of your choice that you have not seen before, Or you may see such cars on television or in some other medium. This is a simple test that can dispel doubts about the power of the mind.


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