The family is an essential foundation for building a happy life, so each individual in the family must have a sense of responsibility and duty to create people with a loving heart. knowledge. Many families are not aware of the duties and responsibilities of human emotions, so they live together as hell on earth. We must love each other with a sincere heart, sympathy, and forgiveness, helping our family become happier, cozier by sharing and helping the path.

Humans are the most advanced beings because they learn, think, consider, contemplate all things if we live without affection for each other; they are not humans. We do not know how to love and be respectful with our parents, we do not know how to be happy, be friendly with our brothers and sisters, and it will be difficult for us to love others.

Therefore, Buddhists must know how to apply the Buddha’s teachings into family life, so that the family is a community of love, harmony, peaceful life, and happiness. The doctrine of interdependence and the path of the Noble Eightfold Path will help family life to know how to love with a knowing heart, respect, respect, and happiness.

We should not think that we have the right to make people submissive according to our wishes and interests. Educating families, schools, and society as an indispensable three-legged leg,
they complement and complement each other by teaching people to live consciously with real understanding. Parents are the first educators to help children grow and mature. A family without proper education, parents only know how to earn money and be ready to meet all the needs when children need without attention, instruction, reminder, the children He will never succeed on the road of life.

School education is also critical and essential; if teachers only teach to make money, they will not show and develop students’ talents. Being a parent has a significant influence on your children; you must know how to care for and care for your children with genuine love, not by authority or indulgent indulgence. The morality of living in each age varies according to the concept and affects the habits of people. Buddhism is not a robust set of dogma but flexible principles, suitable for life and creativity, helping us to realize that life must depend on each other to conserve vitality.

The first principle Buddha taught us is to have an attitude of openness, flexibility, flexibility, breaking down all the strongholds of an obstinate nature that hurt people. We must be tolerant and forgiving to sympathize with others, because we do not have that karma, so we cannot fully understand their situation. Parents should not be too rigid or overly indulgent in their children but need to tell themselves that perhaps their understanding is too old, so we need to be more open to adapt to the times.

The educational purpose of Buddhism is to help people to love and understand, sympathize, and forgive, to be tolerant and generous, not to force people to suffer excessively in sorrow and suffering. If we live with a moral personality that only causes tension and pain for each other, then that is not true morality, but an excessive obstinate. We should also not because of that determined that shattered the happiness of family and relatives.

To build a family life, the couple must love, respect, and respect each other, so that the happiness of the couple will be lasting and lasting. The husband does not force the wife to think and do the same as herself; We should not conceive as in the olden days, in the style of my husband and wife, that the wife is an asset to serve all the needs of her husband. Three generations of parents, children, great-grandchildren, living under the same roof, need to thoroughly understand each other’s psychology of understanding, conception, interests to create a sympathetic bridge that loves and harmonizes together, cultivate happiness.

In the context of life today, many families have a clear separation, by the attachment of old and present, due to lack of understanding between the two generations of parents and children. Two generations of parents and children who were born under different education, with ancient socio-economic and cultural conditions – modern, naturally there will be different moods, ideas and preferences. Together. Parents must be sympathetic to the younger generation now; they cannot think and act like they used to, we have to try to manipulate it, we have to adapt with the path of Eightfold Path which is to understand fate predestined.


Spirituality is an essential underlying field of all; we can only enter by direct, not through thinking, very difficult to express. All human activities, from the invention of material comfort to service and dedication to humanity, come from right-thinking through contemplation and long-term testing of the mind.

Since we have a righteous soul, we know that actual words are equally important in speaking and communication, the spiritual field, Buddhism has always been highly appreciated, putting it into place. Important position. If we do not have a proper mindset, it will be easy to make the spirit excited by jealousy, envy, resentment, hatred, causing war to slaughter and kill each other.

Children in this modern age must also love and respect their parents, and must know that they have suffered a lot of bitterness and suffering in a life full of hardships and obstacles,
so quickly scowled and angry. As a child, we must know how to behave so that we can become the love and pride of our family and loved ones. First of all, we need to understand all the difficulties of parents, must thoroughly understand the social conditions and circumstances of parents, must try to make parents understand their details and interests thoroughly. Unique. We should not be angry, sulky, and reproachful when parents do not understand themselves. We have to discuss and present everything in detail so that parents can know their anxious and sad moods, and also have a better view of the right look to comfort and share with the—sadness and sorrow of parents.

In the field of education of the family, school, or society, parents, teachers, must know how to apply the Eightfold Path to gain real understanding, get the right thoughts. , have beneficial actions, a whole career that does not harm anyone, has a pure soul to create a good life for themselves, and contribute to and serve society. More cultural, more ethical.

In doing so, we are the best example for our children and grandchildren to follow. Thanks to people who know how to practice the Eightfold Path, they know how to forgive and sympathize, care and share, take care of their children – students more, put them in order, and cultural activities. , a healthy society. Everyone tries to follow the path of the Eightfold Path, the issue of moral degradation among adolescents in particular or people, in general, will no longer be a concern and concern, humankind. With such awareness, we will live with a civilized, tasty, healthy, and ethical society that exists everywhere.

The flow of life is always cruel by human greed, so it still carries the joys of sorrow, loss, prosperity, failure, success, or failure, in this transforming impermanent life. From the time we say the birth of a baby until we grow up, then old-sick-death is a long series of joyful, less painful times. The nature of life is a change according to the principle of dependent origination, so suffering-not-not-self.

The Buddha was born to show how to eliminate suffering, to alleviate the sufferings and pains of everyone. In the past, some people said that religion is the opium that creates misunderstandings for humanity.

They only see one way, because some people take advantage of religion to expand ambition. They do not understand that, since Buddhism was present in life, there was never a war of bloodshed and hatred,
Buddhism only brought sincere love to humanity with wisdom and compassion, by division. happy, miserable with a selfless, selfless heart

Also past a worldly time for Buddhism is pessimism, cynicism, boredom, destruction of human life. What Buddhism has shown and devoted to humanity for nearly 3000 years,
is enough to see that Buddhism is an extremely optimistic and realistic religion, only contributing, serving, sharing and supporting. Everybody. The Path of Legitimacy is the most basic and effective method for everyone to practice, towards peace, happiness,
it helps us to have a more lucid awareness through thinking, brooding, shun sin, or do good, good deeds.

In today’s world, humankind is gradually improving human and social life by improving material facilities. The material consumerism is so illustrious that people do not have time to return to themselves and live with a pure, lucid mind; The time has come for all people in the world to return to Buddhism to find the true peace of mind and enrich the world. National leaders in the world must look back on the real situation of society, to be brave enough to bring this miraculous Eightfold Path to build a life, to bring the Eightfold Path into the commune education program. Associations, school education, family education, and proper education.

In this way, people will gradually reduce their greed, selfishness, anger, cause resentment, hatred, ignorance, ego, and want to possess. Society will reduce anxiety, fear of material and mental crises. Humanity will live in a world without war, violence, hatred, and always peaceful, happy, and fruitful. In life, people are self-centered, self-possessed, so they want to possess and create misery and pain for each other. Right thought is considered as the most vital energy, with creative synergy,
to help people master themselves and know how to overcome life’s pitfalls.

It is a noble quality due to the contemplation and examination,
and it is also the capacity to be promoted to build the meaning of our own life in the way of correct thinking of ourselves. But in life, we have so many worries and fears that make us feel sorrow, suffering by things lost than losing. So, how do we live to have peace and happiness in this life? Human life is a continuous borrowing, relying on each other according to the principle of dependent origination that preserves life. So, our lives are different from each other, each person, every idea, every thought, job, hobby, is different.

These are also the primary factors for people to develop and decide for themselves the path to their life in many directions; and sometimes, we need to face difficulties and challenges, overcome them, and make life beautiful. Knowing how to master yourself is one of the essential criteria, helping us to wisely direct my life through the path of the Eightfold Path.

Because of the immense compassion for all sentient beings,
the Buddha made no secret of sharing his cultivation experience to achieve full enlightenment and liberation. The Buddha always advised us to take advantage of,
take advantage of the time to focus on studying by the path of the Noble Eightfold Path.

The shortest way to bring people back to the present reality is by leaving two extremes, enjoying and tormenting their bodies, and returning to the middle. The Eightfold Path is the path that leads us all to enlightenment and total liberation. The eight methods are very carefully related to cause and effect,
to assist each other in the attainment of the Dharma. From Right Understanding is right understanding and righteousness, to Right Concentration is an artful process of connection with intellect.

So, Right Understanding, Right Aspiration thinking belong to intellect or chi are closely linked and supported each other. Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood belong to actual words, deeds and life, and should belong to the precepts. Right Effort, Mindfulness, Right Concentration belong to the concentration,

due to the necessary contemplation in practice, knowing how to let go of all attachments and desires bound in life. In Buddhism, there are many disciplines or illnesses. Still, the path of the Noble Eightfold Path is the foundation, the quintessence of the entire Tripitaka system of Buddhism,
the crystallization, the acquisition of eight Thousand of four thousand disciplines, which is also the best way to eradicate suffering.

Therefore, the Eightfold Path has a significant position, is the best correct path of all religions in Buddhism,
is essential Dharma for everyone to practice to turn evil into good, convert mesmerized into enlightenment. The teachings of the Buddha taught nearly three thousand years ago,
through so many ups and downs, changes of many ages; however, the path of the Noble Eightfold Path is still a shining truth,
impartial, temporal, and even in tune with every human root.

Those who lack knowledge, not yet deeply aware of the principle of dependent origination, think that virtue is good; therefore, it is easy for them to choose unhealthy religions and evil faiths. Since then, they have unknowingly taken that as a noble cause for their own life, but it is doubtful that these wrong ideals have caused pain and loss for all humanity.

The Eightfold Path is the way to help us purify our thoughts, transform our mind of sorrow and suffering into peacefulness and happiness. Whenever we apply this method to return to ourselves and purify our body and mind,
all our roots of greed, anger and delusion will be transformed. People need to practice the right understanding to see the actual value of peace and peace,
to see the crimes and suffering caused by the war.

From there, we diligently and diligently strive to practice mindfulness and concentration to purify the mind,
eliminate greedy thoughts, compete for wealth, resources, colonies, and eliminate divisive ideas, hatred, and wickedness,
helping humanity to love one another with human love in life. People need to see that desire, greed, and suffering make people suffer; we must return to ourselves to open a tremendous inner purge. We must realize that we always contain elements of compassion, wisdom with sincere love,
and also include the aspect of lust, because this delusion sees the body and mind as accurate.

Lust, delusion obscure our love and intellect. People need to fight to transform, eliminate ignorance, excessive desire,
to nurture wisdom and love, so that people can embrace, love, help each other with the spirit of egolessness, selfless. In today’s society, the ability for people to control social situations has become fragile because the human-created economic and political system has become barriers due to consumerism. The substance is too illustrious to come back to control people. A ton of discussion about whether individuals should be transformed, changed, changed first, or society should be improved first. According to Buddhism, people cannot be separated from society, so the transformation, expansion and development must be done in parallel. Man is righteous, and the community is y, while good people society is good.

Both kinds of righteous thoughts and medical reports belong to human life, so they must reform, changed, developed by practical actions, with benefits for themselves, and people always go hand in hand. Because human beings cannot be separated from their living environment, the cultivation of their moral character is also carried out right in the social living environment.

When it comes to social change and development, we think of changing the political and economic system of society,
forgetting that the cultivation of one’s morality is the first important thing that is needed first The mind of the person always plays a significant role,if the memory of a person who holds the balance of justice distorted will create a culture without moral and spiritual values.

Those who want to contribute and serve practical benefits for life, build a loving family with a knowing heart,
and help society to be peaceful and happy must cultivate their morality for complete. In the event that numbness is the reason for misery, bliss is the aftereffect of genuine understanding gratitude to insight. Then people need to light the torch of knowledge to live peacefully and happily. Also, when the wisdom sun appears, so does the darkness of ignorance, happiness, or suffering.

The Buddha has established the path of the Noble Eightfold Path to guide people to know how to transform suffering and suffering,
to bring happiness and happiness to humanity. That path begins with genuine understanding, through careful thought, reflection, examination, therefore peaceful speech, and righteous living using calmness.

The Eightfold Path is a logical and logical process to light up the torch of wisdom, shattering the darkness of ignorance. Throughout the journey, the right view plays a significant role,
guiding and directing the other elements together in harmony to bring enlightenment, Nirvana, and liberation. The path of the Noble Eightfold Path is a teaching for people to apply and practice through thinking and testing,
so it helps us to live with a loving heart and to understand human love in life with great compassion.

The nature of words depends on our understanding. If our mind is more angry, annoyed, the terms will be nuanced, heavy, aggressive; If our mind is peaceful and peaceful, the words will be gentle, natural to hear and harmonious tone. Speaking is a living art, a method of cultivating through your listening and speaking.

The more we practice care, the more we will create conditions to help the foundations of right understanding expand and grow. Thanks to the development of proper knowledge and the right thought right speech are clearly expressed through words. In daily conversation, the correct statement is the way to win over people’s hearts by behaving correctly, thinking in terms. All happiness in the world begins with the words of a human being,
and never expect others to say good-spoken words when they have not done so themselves. On the off chance that you normally need your life to be tranquil, happy,
then you should practice thinking well, speaking properly with sincere, noble words, benefiting many people.

Words have a significant influence, not only for the well-being of each individual but also for determining the welfare of society. Actions that create suffering for people,
such as when we are angry, swear, curse, or lower our feet, all belong to evil karma;
And we often do a righteous act, which is meant to protect, build and protect life such as,
not killing, not stealing, not committing adultery, not drinking alcohol, also called right occupation.

Good karma or bad karma is acted in three ways: thoughts, speech, body actions. Therefore, when people are conscious of doing something, they have created karma,
but bear fruit sooner or later depending on predestined conditions. Thus, every action performed to have successfully decided. Each person’s karma is an individual action and the result of the karma they have created,
they are also the ones who inherited that result, either built or good or bad.

True Buddhists always practice according to righteous deeds,
so be cautious, take care of their actions, so as not to harm people and things. If needed, we can sacrifice our rights or our lives to free others from suffering.

We want to practice righteous action to achieve high results; we must start from Right Understanding,
Right Aspiration, Right Speech, seriously; Also, if you like to meditate, recite the Buddha’s name, recite sutras, recite mantras, do merit, Assembly now. According to the Buddha’s view, all human thoughts and actions originate from the mind.

If people have a good heart and are concerned about the development of human society through practical action,
the results will benefit humanity right now. If one does not cultivate and cultivate morality, one will become a villain, and life will be its victim. So, excellent occupation is the right behaviour, creating unique and good karma,
renouncing killing, renouncing wrongdoing, giving up lying and harming people.

Right Livelihood is cultivating one’s life by honest and honest professions, that is, living by the Dharma,
not superstitious, not residing in hallucinations, confusion, excessive abstraction. Besides, right Livelihood also means that life does not follow the lowly desires. Mindfulness in the Noble Eight fold Path is real meditation,
which is seen as a lamp of awakening to help the mind see the actual truth through the Buddha’s teachings,
so as not to live in delusion.

The method of practicing righteous thoughts is to be aware of what you are doing at every moment; when we are eating, we know we are eating, when we are drinking,
we know we are drinking, this is a way to help us control ourselves, not originating from the discrimination of consciousness, but by observing the life of myself.

To light the lamp of mindfulness, we need the material of love, such as forgiveness,
tolerance, abandonment of craving, ignorance, repentance, bowing to the Buddha, chanting, meditating. In short, any fuel capable of enlightening actual knowledge and pure life are materials of true mercy.

A calm mind can create intellectual light by knowing how to concentrate,
contemplate and control the brain in a harmonious, maturing manner. The exact definition means to focus the mind on something so that it is clear and not mistaken. In other words, focus your thoughts on a legitimate issue, faithful to the truth, that benefits you and others.

Right concentration is an essential method of cultivating the mind, making the dharma precepts clean, the wisdom is noble,
always enlightening everything without being separated by things. Practitioners follow the path of the Noble Eightfold Path after mastering the seven dharmas above. Eventually, thanks to Right Concentration, the mind contemplates everything as it is.

Compassion is the visualization of all beings as one, the same correct foot of mind,
to eliminate hatred and expand love, to save sentient beings. Contemplating the breath means visualizing by focusing on counting the breathing in and out, counteracting the distractions of the mind.
Interdependence is found from humans to all animals due to the predestined harmony that formed false; there is no fixed entity, does not usually exist, to eliminate ignorance, ego.

In our lives, every activity manifests itself in thought, words, and generates action. Therefore, the Buddha used the Noble Eightfold Method to transform ignorance, darkness, obscurity,
and an infinite amount of compassion, wisdom, and taking real life as a basis for morality, right speech,


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