As indicated by the incredibly famous Pew demographics Research Institute, there are right now “500 million Buddhists” (7% of the total populace) and Buddhism has spread to three principle sorts of lessons and, practices.

There are Three types of Buddhism

1. Theravada Buddhism.
2. Mahayana Buddhism.
3. Vajrayana Buddhism.

the highest Buddhist population growth by country.

As per the live populace site, the population demographics

China” has 249,984,513 individuals; speaking to 18.2% of the Chinese populace.

Japan is viewed as the second-most elevated Buddhist nation on the planet at,

present possesses 84,637,025 Buddhists. It is 66.8% of the Japanese populace.

Thailand is the third-biggest Buddhist nation on the planet and right now has 60,383,597 Buddhists.

Myanmar, or Burma, which has 50,063,246 Buddhists.

is the fourth “biggest Buddhist nation” on the planet, with 89% of the populace.

“Sri Lanka” is set fifth on this rundown. As indicated by Sri Lanka; Census and Housing Census site, there are at present 14,272,056 Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

speaking to 70.1% of Sri Lanka‘s populace.

Buddhist countries with the highest proportion of the population.

top 5 Buddhist countries in the world in proportion to their population.
1) Cambodia – 96.9%
2) Thailand – 93.6%
3) Myanmar – 89.0%
4) Bhutan – 75.3%
5) Sri Lanka – 70.1%

‘Major Buddhist teachings, and practices in major Buddhist countries of the world demographics

Countries in which “Mahayana” Buddhism is practiced.

  • China
  • Japan
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

Countries in which “Theravada Buddhism” is practiced.

  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Sri Lanka
  • Laos

Countries in which “the Vajrayana Buddhism” is practiced.

  • Tibet
  • Mongolia

may Triple gem Bless you all.
namo buddhya




    • Metta Reply

      There are various opinions about the time of the Vajrayana and its diplomatic policies. According to Tibetan mythology, Lord Sakyamuni Buddha preached tantras, but they were written in secret long after his other sermons. The University of Nalanda was also a center of diamond philosophy and pioneered the practice of Vajrayana until the 11th century. These texts, books and ideologies spread to China, Tibet, Indochina (Vietnam was formerly known as “Indochina”) and Southeast China.

      Professor Ronald H. Bauer of Fairfield University, the first dissertation on this subject. Davidson describes the political climate of the Vajrayana as a result of which the patronage of the traditional Buddhist monasteries was difficult to find and the events-driven mass movements became more popular. About two centuries later, it was incorporated into the monastery.

      Most of the elements of the diamond were developed and synthesized. Many of these pieces have been around for centuries.

      Although Buddhism was established in the surrounding countries, in time, Buddhism began to deteriorate from India, and by the time of the British invasion it was almost gone.

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